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Conservative Twitter Users Notice Likes & Retweets Diminish or Drop to Zero


On Tuesday morning, conservatives across Twitter began to notice their retweets and likes diminishing and even zeroing out on many of their recently posted tweets.


Twitter addressed the issue in a tweet around 4:00pm early yesterday afternoon:



PragerU quickly responded asking the obvious question ‘Have there been prominent figures on the left that experienced this also?’



An0maly was one of the first to notice it on Tuesday morning.



Red Pill Pundit saw about 30 likes and retweets zeroed out on this tweet screenshot after the disappearance.








Brandon Straka of WalkAway Campaign chimed in later on Tuesday afternoon.



It is interesting to note that Daily Wire published an article titled Twitter CEO: ‘I Don’t Believe That We Can Afford To Take A Neutral Stance Anymore’ just two days ago.



Cover Photo Credit: Sputniknews



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Robert Garding February 13, 2019 at 10:46 am

I wouldn’t doubt this happening. Twitter, Facebook et al are at best, liberal leaning. Someone needs to come out with a platform that is great like facebook with something like facebook live and twitter that will not be detrimental to conservative Americans like twitter and facebook are.


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