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Pope Francis is a Disaster (P.S.: Save Western Civilization!)


If you are against the invasion of illegal aliens, Pope Francis thinks YOU’RE the problem.
Christianity and Western Civilization ARE under attack – and by his words, deeds, and priorities, Pope Francis seems to be hastening their demise.


By Angela Box | Opinion

As a semi-sometimes-practicing Catholic, it gives me no pleasure to write this article.

But I’ll tell you right now: something is rotten in the state of the Vatican – and it has been for some time.

Our last great pope – I think most of us (minus globalists and liberals) would agree — was now-canonized St. Pope John Paul II.

JP2 (as he is affectionately known) was a staunch anti-communist, pro-life, larger-than-life world leader who defended the Catholic faith from secularism, Satan, and movements bent to destroy the faith.


I love this picture of St. Pope John Paul II and this dove of peace.


He was dogmatically sound and warned against changing Church doctrine simply to placate a passing fad (transgenderism and gay marriage, anyone?) or fancy (ordaining women). Agree with him or not, he was always consistent in upholding traditional Catholic beliefs.

He was declared a saint within ten years of his death, which is almost unheard of, and hundreds of millions of us look to him as a true steward of the Faith.

(To read about the miracles that made Pope John Paul II a saint, see: Two Women Helped Put Pope John Paul II on the Path to Sainthood)

I daresay JP2 would be appalled to see what has happened to the Catholic Church under the helm of leftist, globalist, open-borders, Islamist-capitulating Pope Francis.


A Tale of Two Popes: Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis


Pope Francis is good on a couple of issues – and I mean “a couple.” He proudly proclaims the dignity of each individual human life (while offering God’s grace to repentant women who have had abortions) and advocates for some modern concessions (allowing divorced Catholics more leeway in the Church than was traditionally granted). He has defended traditional marriage while also welcoming gays and lesbians into the Church. These are all good things.

But on practically every other issue, the current pope is, as they say, “problematic.”

Pope Francis is from far-left, communist/socialist Latin America (Argentina), which traditionally isn’t a fan of free-market capitalism – and believe me, it shows. He has railed against the United States and its “love of money.”  Obviously, he is no fan of President Trump (another reason leftists love the guy).

He has made it a PRIORITY to “welcome” Muslims into the Vatican – because, of course. He is so concerned about the hoax of “Islamophobia” he invited an Islamic Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb to recite Muslim prayers and then sign a “Declaration of Peace” between the two faiths.

Hmmm. Where have I heard this one before? Do the names Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain ring any bells?


Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb and Pope Francis, hangin’ out in the Vatican.


(All you racist Islamophobes may be surprised to hear that a subsequent invitation to Pope Francis to come to Mecca and pray Catholic prayers has not been forthcoming.)

To show his leftist cred, Pope Francis has railed against nations having actual borders – because, again, of course. He’s all for as many “migrants” as possible to flood Europe, which, you may recall, used to be the capital of Western Civilization.

He hasn’t urged these Third World shi*tholes to reform in ways both economically and humanitarian and save their own countries instead of shipping their problems elsewhere. No! Instead, he has assigned bigotry and hatred to people who have a problem with the flood of violent, unassimilated Muslims specifically and uneducated, dependent, unassimilated migrants generally into their countries.

Naturally, he can’t be silent on America’s border crisis, either. He has bashed the idea of a border wall (although, the last time I checked, the Vatican is surrounded with a massive wall).


Walls are immoral! (Except at the Vatican.)


He has intimated that Americans are racists for not excitedly welcoming unassimilated, dependent, uneducated, and unskilled invaders from Mexico, Central and South America, and Islamic countries that hate our guts. In fact, he has now spent money donated by parishioners of the Catholic Church to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT the illegal so-called migrant caravans “stranded” in Mexico!

Ah, yes. George Soros and Pope Francis: comrades at heart when it comes to destroying the capitalist West.

In addition, after the recent obviously suspicious (nothing to see here, Islamophobe!) fire which almost consumed the priceless and holy Cathedral of Notre Dame, Pope Francis did not righteously sound the alarm that Western Civilization is truly under attack from Islamists hellbent on establishing their worldwide caliphate.

Because, you know, those 785 “mysterious” Catholic church desecrations in Paris IN THE LAST YEAR ALONE made the idea of the Notre Dame fire as anything other than “an accident” simply preposterous!


Remember, there’s #NothingToSeeHere when it comes to the “accidental” fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame!


And so, we circle back to St. Pope John Paul II.

I believe our Last Great Pope, unlike the current Pontifex, would have moved heaven and earth to fully and completely sound the alarm about radical Islam and the rise of violent Islamists around the globe.

I believe he would have LOUDLY and OFTEN brought worldwide attention to how Christians are slaughtered every day in Muslim countries.

I believe he would have preached against the outright barbarism of stoning women and gays, mutilating little girls’ genitalia, covering women head-to-toe in burqas, or the acceptance of multiple wives and child brides.

I believe he would have rightfully argued this is a choice between good and evil.

I believe he would have placed in sharp contrast the values of the West (home of Judeo-Christian values and the Enlightenment) as opposed to the socialist and/or atheist values of Russia, China, and much of Latin America.

I believe he would have defended Western Civilization against the seventh-century barbarism of much of the Islamic World.


It’s estimated 25% of Muslims are either radicalized or support radicals. This response to criticism seems….normal. Right?


I believe he would have continued to be a fierce supporter of capitalism and a fierce foe of communism.

I believe that, while he would have sympathy for migrants and illegal aliens, he also would have understood that a mass invasion of migrants disrupts a country’s values – culturally, religiously,, economically, and, yes, demographically. A “melting pot” is one thing – Balkanization is another thing entirely. And Balkanization is what we — and Europe — have got.

I believe that instead of cynically encouraging mass, illegal immigration in order to maintain the Catholic Church in America (due to the large proportion of illegals who are Catholic), he would have instead insisted the Church be a stalwart Defender of the Faith, and eschew politically expedient and politically correct outcomes simply to increase the Church’s coffers.

As Christians, and Catholic Christians, we all have a duty to help the poor and seek justice and truth. But we also have a duty to protect our families, our culture, and our countries from a mass influx of invaders who have no desire to assimilate or take care of themselves.


If you are against the invasion of illegal aliens, Pope Francis thinks YOU’RE the problem.


Indeed, far too many of these people are outwardly hostile to our values — and instead, seek to impose their backwards culture onto us. Sharia law, anyone?

We have a duty to defend Western Civilization and all of its inhabitants from both an aggressively secular/socialist and simultaneously Islamic-apologist stance. We have a duty to defend Christianity, Judaism, and Judeo-Christian values from those who mock them, or outright hate them.

Christianity and Western Civilization ARE under attack – and by his words, deeds, and priorities, Pope Francis seems to be hastening their demise.

Pope John Paul II would have been on the side of eternal truth and good – and that is, by and large, not what Pope Francis is selling.

The West is on the brink.

Pay attention.


Cover Photo Credit: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters 


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