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All Roads Lead to #WalkAway



All Roads Lead to #WalkAway


“Their reasons for leaving the Democrat party are unique to the individual, but they all share a common theme… They were tired of being lied to.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

As the Clown Car 2020 Democrats begin their debates, the hilarity of their clichés and pandering is overshadowed by the unhinged and fascistic nature of their rhetoric.


Presenting! The kids table at the 2020 Democratic Debate night one!


Trump is evil.

Trump is racist.

Trump rapes feminists in dressing rooms at Bergdorf’s.

Trump is killing illegal aliens WITH HIS BARE HANDS!

Trump is caging brown babies, and we shall dutifully ignore that Obama built the “cages” in 2014.

Borders are evil, and we need as many uneducated, illiterate, non-assimilated people flooding into America as possible.

Climate change is going to destroy the world in twelve years. AOC says so!

Plus, the $65 gazillion Green New Deal is totally feasible, you guys. AOC says so!



Student loan debt should be totally expunged (just for self-involved millennials who will vote for us).

Socialism will finally be done right – and it sure is working in Democrat-run cities and states!

Capitalism is a totally unworkable system (that only seems to work in Republican-run cities and states).

The LGBTQXYZ agenda should be nationalized with mandatory indoctrination beginning in Pre-K.

Transgenderism is completely natural and their abortions should be paid for by YOU.


Coming to a school near you…


Speaking of abortion, it’s a human right to kill another human being up to and including birth (formerly known as premeditated murder).

Trump DID collude with Russia and we’re not going to take anybody’s word for it that he DIDN’T because we know best. Even though all the facts are pointing towards our guys being the nefarious players, it doesn’t matter.

Off with his head!

But a curious thing has been happening in America. As more people figure out the dominant media culture and elected Democrats have been lying to them for over three years about Trump/Russia collusion, they are also opening their eyes to what ELSE they’ve been lied to about.

A year ago, the #WalkAway movement was started by a gay hairdresser in New York City named Brandon Straka. He posted a six-minute video about why he walked away from the Democrat party.

If you’ve never seen it, do you yourself a favor and watch it.



Since then, thousands of people posted their own #WalkAway videos on his channel.

Their reasons for leaving the Democrat party are unique to the individual, but they all share a common theme.

They were tired of being lied to. They were tired of the constant hate and negativity they heard from leftists – both elected and in the media. They were alarmed by radical groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter telling all white people they were the devil simply because of the color of their skin. They were distressed at the radical shift on abortion the left has taken. And all of them, to a person, when they really started to do their research on Donald Trump and Republicans, realize they have been lied to their entire lives about who conservatives are and who Trump is.


Feminists! (Who can’t get a man)


I was overjoyed this week to be approached by a server at an upscale Houston restaurant called Brasserie 19. My friends and I go there quite a bit for drinks and girly chitchat.  I have known Dominic for several years. To be blunt, he had always been an extremely angry atheist and leftist. He would attack my Facebook page and just rip apart anybody who has any conservative ideas at all. He mocked Christians and anyone who believes in God as believers in the biggest hoax mankind has ever seen.

Basically, he was your run-of-the-mill Democrat.

But something remarkable happened to Dominic.

He walked away.

He told me: “I just wanted you to know I’m no longer a liberal and I’ve also become a Christian.” You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! This is one of the most hard-core radicals I know personally – and he has made a 180-degree transformation.

To be clear, he has not become a Republican, nor even a conservative. He considers himself more libertarian-leaning.

One of his triggers of his metamorphasis was illegal immigration. He is appalled by what Democrats have done. He rightly said that the Democrat party used to stand for a secure border and for people entering the country LEGALLY.


Democrats are illegal aliens’ homeboys.


In fact, I will remind readers Cesar Chavez himself – practically a god in the eyes of the far left – was virulently against illegal immigration. He understood that people breaking into the country were stealing jobs from LEGAL migrant farm workers. And he was right.

Dominic also is a 10-year Navy veteran and loves what President Trump has done for the military. He loves that he’s not getting us into another war willy-nilly. He loves the reforms of the Veterans Administration and how Trump has elevated our servicemen and women into a very special and prioritized agenda item in his administration. They are not just nameless and faceless people – they are individuals who have served our country with honor and should be treated as such.

He also loves the trade deals President Trump is accomplishing. Nobody has ever come along and really put China to the test. Or Mexico.  Or Canada.

He’s impressed with Trump’s ability to get NATO nations to actually pay their fair share instead of expecting America to shoulder the burden of their defense.

And while he doesn’t quite yet sign on to the level of tangible corruption and actual conspiracy that went on under Barack Obama to frame Donald Trump (in an attempt to shift blame from Hillary Clinton and to overthrow a duly-elected president), he is open to learning about conservatism.

He is like a newborn baby, eager to explore everything around him. He is a true tabula rasa. Naturally, I steered him in a literary direction, as he loves to read. The information conservatives take for granted – books like Liberty and Tyranny, Radical Son, Atlas Shrugged, Brave New World, and of course 1984 and Animal Farm – Dominic is exploring for the first time. He now loves Mark Levin. He listens to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham.


Radical Son by David Horowitz is BY FAR the best political autobiography I’ve ever read.


Dominic told me his walkaway from angry atheism was just as a remarkable. He said that a number of things happened which made him realize he could no longer deny God – or Jesus Christ. A true Road to Damascus moment!  And, being a new Christian, I also suggested he purchase David Limbaugh‘s book Jesus On Trial. Limbaugh was a casual Christian (but more of a skeptic) until he took his lawyer’s mind and started dissecting the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. He conclusions led to a very compelling case for Christianity.

Dominic is one of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) who are walking away from the Democrat party.

He is a person who loves America and doesn’t understand why the party he belonged to completely tears it down all the time. He got sick of the vitriol and the lies.

Dominic told me he reads every article I write. That meant a lot to me. It just goes to show — you don’t know who you’re influencing. You don’t know who is listening. Not everyone can write a column, or be on television, or have a radio gig reaching untold millions of people.

But every single one of us can do our part to stand up for our fellow patriots and for Donald Trump. He takes all the slings and arrows for us every day. And by talking about why we support him, what he has accomplished, and how he is trying to be stopped by Never Trumpers, Democrats, and the media, we are influencing people to look closer, and to perhaps change their minds.

Where We Go One, We Go All.

Welcome aboard, Dominic.






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