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Donald Trump is Exposing the Left’s Dirty Little Secret


“Leftists have ramped up their incessant, slanderous cries of ‘racism’ because their failures are apparent to anyone with eyes to see…  You are not to question any black, Hispanic, female, gay, transgender, or Muslim Democrat — or you’re a racist.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

Here’s a fun idea. Since everything Trump tweets is immediately called “racist” by Democrats, Trump should tweet his firm denunciation of Satan. That should make Democrats and the media immediately rush to defend the Prince of Darkness!

How far can that be from the truth?

Trump’s Baltimore tweet has exposed the left’s dirty little secret – and they don’t like it.

Democrats are feigning outrage because Trump rightfully pointed out what a complete shithole Baltimore, Maryland is — the same Baltimore that is Elijah Cumming’s congressional district.





It’s a rat-infested, vermin-covered, crime-ridden hellhole. The schools are producing illiterate and uneducated children trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty. Gang activity and drug dealing is rampant. Despair is prevalent. Taxes are so high property owners are fleeing, and free enterprise along with it. All that’s left is government handouts and desperate people who need them.

These impoverished streets of Baltimore all belong to Democrats. And guess what? They have for the last 50-plus years.

And what have Democrats done with the city of Baltimore? Well that’s easy. They’ve ruined it. Just like they’ve ruined every other city!


Baltimore, a liberal-run shithole.


The old saying goes: the minute you call someone a racist in an argument, you’ve lost the argument.

Leftists have ramped up their incessant, slanderous cries of “racism” because their failures are apparent to anyone with eyes to see. They attack anyone who questions their authority and unworkable positions.

You are not to question any black, Hispanic, female, gay, transgender, or Muslim Democrat — or you’re a racist.

As the disastrous presidency of Barack Obama showed us, no matter how horribly a Democrat screws up everything, you’re not allowed to criticize that Democrat. And almost everyone falls in line.

Democrats’ ideas are farfetched and dumb, but Democrats are not.

You see, Democrats realize the only way they stay in power is for people to be miserable and dependent on them. Kick in constantly enraged and entitled, and you’ve got the perfect Democrat constituent!

Instead of trying to fix problems with commonsense solutions (as President Trump does seemingly almost on his own), Democrats double down on their failed policies time and again – because they could give a rat’s red ass about PEOPLE. They care about POWER. Why on earth do you think they are pushing for sanctuary cities and states status as much as they are?


Because those unassimilated, non-English speaking, and dependent illegal aliens and their progeny will one-day vote for them!


Donald Trump vs. Elijah Cummings


Elites in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Manhattan look down scornfully at Normal America while they step over homeless people in the streets. Machine Democrats in Chicago look the other way as every weekend brings more young black Americans killed. Seattle and Portland liberals cheer on Antifa as police officers are attacked and syringes litter downtown. And it’s like this in every single Democrat-run city in America.

Elected Democrats and their praetorian guard media LIE. They lie and say Republicans hate minorities – and they have gotten away with this garbage for 60 years.

Indeed, it was Lyndon B. Johnson, who, after the Great Society welfare block grant was passed, infamously was overheard saying “I’ll have these n***ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

And what did he do? Nutshell: he and other liberal Democrats ushered in the end of the black nuclear family. When the government gives you a check, you don’t need a father in the house. The more children you have means the more money you receive. Fathers became secondary at best. Once fathers became obsolete, gang activity rose, as did illiteracy and poverty. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child: it takes two parents. And nobody knows that better than Democrats who seek to destroy the family.

It’s not racist to criticize Democrats who have run their cities into the ground – no matter what color they are. And this criticism is what the media and elected Democrats want to silence.


The Wire is a fantastic expose of Baltimore. Too bad its creator is a leftist lunatic.


This is where we are in 2019 — on the verge of a new, #woke segregation, where are you are not allowed to have an opinion if the opinion is in direct opposition to a black or a minority politician.

What President Trump is doing is treating everybody equally – in fact he’s doing what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. implored all of us to do: judge people on the content of their actions and character, not their skin color.

When police officers are spit upon or denigrated, and rioting and crime is allowed because it’s “part of the culture“; when academic success and striving to get out of the ghetto is considered “acting white” and therefore shunned; when Democrats spew the most disgusting things about Republicans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you get where we are right now.

In the Elijah Cummings matter, as with most matters, President Trump merely fights back when he’s hit. You hit him first, he’s coming back at you with both barrels.

He’s not going to be like most of the fearful Republicans who just sat back and take the constant abuse. He, and WE, are done playing games with these people.

President Trump didn’t promise just to be a president for “white America” – unlike what the detestable media constantly says. In fact, his policies have demonstrated he is the president for everybody. He wants the American people to succeed and be prosperous.

Democrats, on the other hand, do not. It is obvious as Maxine Water’s janky wig. Democrats are merely there for the power and the perks that power provides.


Aunt Maxine’s janky wig! Photo Credit to Turning Point, USA


President Trump is going to expose every last one of them for the misanthropic, power-mad overlords they are.

Keep it up, President Trump. Revealing every last bit of Democrat-caused destruction will continue to open eyes. You’re not the first person to expose what a disaster Baltimore is, and you shouldn’t be the last.

Just ask Bernie Sanders and Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh! Evidently, they agree with you. Because they said the same damn thing.

We finally have a president who is pushing back and fighting for us all.

Smoke them all out – one by one, issue by issue. Normal America is watching.


A party obsessed with race.


Cover Photo Credit: A.F. Branco | Comically Incorrect 
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