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We’re All Racists Now!


When everything is racist, nothing is.
“The left’s philosophy is so bankrupt of common sense and logic, they have, time and again, used the cudgel of ‘racist’ to silence their critics.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

If I had a dime for every time some idiot liberal has called me a racist, I would own Mar-a-Lago by now.

You would think these proglodytes (progressive troglodytes – my literary creation)  would have figured out by now that repeating the same, tired, unsubstantiated claim against Republicans (and Republican presidents) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week would get old. But amazingly, it doesn’t.


Here’s what Daily Kos thinks of you.


It just keeps getting worse.

The Betsy Ross flag is racist.

The National Anthem is racist.

The Founding Fathers were racist.

Ivanka Trump buying a white dog with blue eyes for her eight-year-old daughter is racist.

Complaining about police officers being assaulted with buckets of water and bodily fluids is racist.

MAGA hats are racist.

The South is racist.

Customizing an avatar in a video game to look like yourself (i.e., a white person) is racist.

Criticizing Ilhan Omar and her use of taqiyya to commit immigration and tax fraud is racist.

Criticizing Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who equates detention centers for illegal aliens to concentration camps, is racist.

Laughing at lunatiic braless wonder Rashida Tlaib and her unhinged explosion at a Trump rally in 2016 is racist.

The 1969 moon landing was racist.


An ACTUAL STORY in the New York Times during the Apollo 50th year anniversary celebration.


Refusing to wax the body parts of a transgender (a.k.a. a biological male) is racist.

Mocking any Democrat is racist.

Complaining about affirmative action policies that discriminate against merit is racist.

Wanting a border wall is racist.

Wanting an end to sanctuary cities that promote crime and lawlessness is racist.

Defending capitalism is racist.

Characterizing manmade climate change as a massive political hoax designed to control people and make virtue-signaling Social Justice Warriors feel important is racist.

Telling the truth about President Trump’s record is racist.

Telling someone that promoting morbid obesity is not being “body positive” but instead dangerous to their health is racist.


I’m #BodyPositive! No, honey. You’re morbidly obese.


The lowest African-American, Hispanic, and female unemployment is racist.

Sam Adams Beer and Angry Orchard Beer are racist.

Prisons are racist.

Attempting to stop a dismemberment abortion up to and including birth is racist.

Calling the racehustling frauds Jussie Smollett and Erica Thomas liars is racist.

Saying or doing anything that bucks the dominant leftist culture narrative is racist.

So, that’s right! We’re all racists now.

The Democrat party’s meteoric plummet is all thanks to their insane policies and positions. You can look around any major city in America and see proof of this.

Whether it’s piles of human feces and syringes that San Francisco has made maps detailing so tourists can avoid such areas, or the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles, or the escalating murder rates in Baltimore in Chicago, or deteriorating madness in New York City — every single Democrat-run city is a figurative AND literal shithole.

And you’re a racist if you point out these pesky facts!

When everything is racist, nothing is racist.

Because the left’s philosophy is so bankrupt of common sense and logic, they have, time and again, used the cudgel of “racist“ to silence their critics.


White Rage: a primer


It is tiresome and depressing at the same time.

To think there is a group of people in this country – elected and non-elected Democrats, cultural elite, and media liberals – who think so little of their fellow citizens that everyone they meet is somehow a closeted Klansman!

Democrats’ only weapon against Normal America is division. They need to keep this country divided by hook or by crook

We all know Democrats’ affinity for identity politics. It is relentless and overwhelming. The status quo is far-left radicalism.  Anyone who has two eyes to see and two brain cells to rub together has figured this out by now.

This causes one of two reactions in people – fight or flight (or in the case of the booming #WalkAway movement, both).

The left hopes desperately that the majority of Normal America lays down its arms and surrenders in one way or the other.


You don’t say?


Whether that surrender takes the form of individuals ignoring what’s going on around them and instead watching reruns of “Fixer Upper,” or whether it takes the form of submission — the left wants us all in “flight” mode.

But what the left has unwittingly created, which it’s never truly had before, is a fully energized and pissed off opposition.

Conservatives and Normal America (which I’m convinced are the majority) – are not just going to sit around and eat their force-fed, radical, destructive fairy tales anymore.

When they call us racist, you know they’ve lost the argument.

It is not racist to want a secure border and to want to deport twenty million illegal immigrants who have broken American laws by being here. And if they get separated from their children, that’s their own damn fault for breaking into America. Deport them all.

It is not racist to expect the United States of America to secure its border and defend its sovereignty. It is not racist to expect LEGAL immigrants to learn American culture and traditions and to assimilate into them.


Totally emblematic of the modern left.


It is not racist to want to save the life of unborn children – no matter what color they happen to be. It’s not racist want to educate the public on the development of an unborn baby, and to seek to change hearts and minds with prayer.

It is not racist to expect that people be admitted to colleges and universities based on merit and not what connected Democrat their mommy and daddy happen to be, what their skin color is, or how “oppressed”  and  #woke they are.

It is not racist to understand that capitalism and the free market system has been the biggest and most clear-cut way to lift people out of poverty throughout the world – more than any economic system on the face of the earth.

It is not racist to debunk the hoax of man-made climate change and to push back on the politicization of weather and the demonization  of plastic straws.

It is not racist to want to annihilate Islamic terrorists and to root out the cancer of Islamist supremacy from America and the West.




It is not racist to defend President Trump’s record of accomplishment – because it is extensive. It would be even MORE extensive if we could have a Congress that actually wanted to help the People’s President instead of sabotaging him every step of the way.

It is not racist to demand equal justice under the law for Democrats who attempted a nearly overt coup against a sitting president. It is not racist to demand that Barack Obama – the first black president, remember? — be held accountable for his role in the coup d’état.

It is not racist to demand equal justice for Hillary Clinton – a woman who installed a private email server in order to circumvent the government’s rules regarding pay-to-play and classified documents. It’s not racist to want to see justice meted out to a woman who smashed Blackberrys, used Bleach Bit on her server, and destroyed several cell phone sim cards in order to obstruct justice after 33,000 emails had been subpoenaed by Congress.

It is not racist to demand that sanctuary cities cough up all the illegal immigrants they’ve been hiding – especially the violent criminals and gang members.

It is not racist to demand all taxpayer money stop flowing to illegal aliens and their children.




It is not racist to demand E-Verify be the law of the land when vetting potential employees.

It is not racist to point out crime statistics and how cultural differences are more at play for educational disparity then any inherent racism residing in teachers or administrators.

I could go on forever.

The big question for you is this: are you a “fight or a flight” American?

Everyone else needs to answer that question for themselves. Obviously, I am in the “fight” category.

The more of us who push back and stand firmly in the “fight” column, the more liberals will be back on their heels having to defend the indefensible.

We are right and they are wrong. This isn’t subjective. These facts are objective.

The left’s policies are disastrous.

Leftists ruin everything they touch. And guess what? That’s not a racist statement either.

This isn’t a game. This is a fight for the heart and soul of America.

Better decide in which camp you’re going to stake your claim.





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