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Facts Don’t Matter – It’s the Narrative, Stupid


“Leftists are masters at manipulating the narrative for a gullible public.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

The left has shown, quite ably, that if you control the dominant narrative, you control almost everything.

Last week, my favorite commentator (and yours) Tucker Carlson said something completely innocuous and logical.

He doesn’t know any “white supremacists,” and you probably don’t either. This accelerating and alarming uptick in defaming Normal America is simply the latest attempt by the left to control the cultural narrative and to shut down debate and deny reality.

To which all of us said: “Of course, and amen.”


Tucker, you’re my favorite.


The second Tucker uttered these words, the Twitter army from the Island of Misfit Toys was unleashed.

Media Matters for America (the left-wing Brownshirts funded by George Soros) and other leftist thugs like Sleeping Giants immediately sprang into action. They demanded Tucker’s head for suggesting white nationalists and white supremacists are NOT running around the streets of America burning down black churches or lynching illegal aliens. #FireTuckerCarlson begin trending on Twitter. And since the left and the media lives and dies by what happens on Twitter, they thought their intimidation tactics were working.

So far, Fox News has stood by Tucker. They damn sure better continue to do so.

You see, the left realizes now more than ever: if they control the dominant narrative, they control YOU.

Leftists are masters at manipulating the narrative for a gullible public.

Democrats, the Obama Administration, and Deep State actors in the FBI and CIA working with Russia (and media) to undermine the election of Donald Trump turned into: Trump colluded/conspired with Russia to stop Hillary Clinton’s coronation. We spent two-and-a-half years and $30 million on a bogus investigation of the Trump team, and NO time investigating Obama and Clinton.

The disgusting behavior and actions of “suicided” Jeffrey Epstein are now somehow tied to Donald Trump instead of Bill Clinton. Forget the fact that Bill Clinton rode on Epstein’s private jet (dubbed the “Lolita Express”) to Epstein’s private island at least 25 times. Forget that Trump banished Epstein from Mar-a-Lago and completely disassociated himself from Epstein when he realized Epstein was hitting on underage girls. The media is doing everything they can do to tie Trump to this suspiciously dead child sex trafficker – not Bill Clinton.


I wonder what the Clintons and Obamas know about the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein…


The manipulation of language when it comes to gender is another way the left has successfully controlled the cultural narrative. Last week, Joe Biden was asked by a random Iowa woman “How many genders are there?” Five years ago, anyone asking such an obvious question would have been laughed out of the room. Biden’s answer? “At LEAST three.” When asked to name the “at least three” genders, Biden got huffy. How DARE this upstart cis-female question Biden’s liberal bonafides!

This, like all things corrupted by the left, is patently insane. There are only two biological genders, and just because somebody feels like “identifying” as a purple, Muslim mongoose does not make it biologically so.

“Extra” host Mario Lopez, hardly a lightning rod for controversy, recently gave an interview to Turning Point, USA’s Candace Owens. He logically opined how alarming it was that toddlers think they can literally change their gender, and that lunatic leftist parents are encouraging this transgenderism. The reaction by his progressive overlords was swift. Almost immediately, Lopez was forced to “clarify” his statement and pledge total allegiance to all aspects of the LGBTQXYZ movement. Sadly, his capitulation may have been in vain. He still may lose his lucrative, red-carpet job interviewing mindless celebrities on what designer they are wearing before an inane awards show.


Candace Owens and Mario Lopez


We all got a chuckle over the Democrat Socialists of America national conference held in Atlanta. “Point of personal privilege, comrade!” and “Stop using gendered language!” made us all laugh — and rightfully so.

But it should serve as a warning to Normal America. The people who believe you can choose your gender or that white nationalism and white supremacy are lurking behind every corner are the same people who work in local, state, and federal government as unseen bureaucrats. They are the people teaching your children in the public schools. They are the people working in media who set the narrative.

No sooner did we have two more horrific mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio did the media blame it on Donald Trump – and by extension, his supporters.

They dutifully ignored bits of the El Paso shooter’s manifesto which espoused wacko environmental beliefs and his statement that his anti-Hispanic bigotry had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Conversely, they were very quick to overlook the Dayton shooter’s reverence for all radical leftist politics and his near fanatical support of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Instead, the narrative devolved quickly to place blame not on the shooters, but on Trump’s tweets and his supporters’ alleged white nationalism and white supremacy.

And of course, they blamed guns.

That’s right! Guns, white supremacy, and racism cause mass shootings. Never mind the fact that most mass shooters have been left-wing in nature. No! The media immediately tarred and feathered millions of Trump supporters and law-abiding gun owners for the actions of two twisted, sick freaks.


President Trump received a loving welcome when he visited a hospital in Dayton, Ohio after a horrific mass shooting. Media will never show this.


They don’t want to look back at the rhetoric of Barack Obama – the most divisive president in America’s history. They don’t want to discuss how race relations during his eight years were at an all-time low – NOT because of Obama’s skin color, but because of his policies and statements regarding race.

The leftists who control our narrative don’t want to talk about why more and more of these nihilistic people keep popping up all over the place.

They don’t want to look at how our culture has devolved so quickly into hedonistic, atheistic chaos.

They don’t want to talk about how *just maybe* aborting 1.3 million unborn babies a year could cause human life to be devalued. God – and Judeo/Christian morals — have been removed from the public square and in our schools. Traditional values are mocked endlessly by the dominant culture and the media. Gullible millennials have been told the earth will be habitable for only twelve more years – and they wholeheartedly believe it! They actually think humans, instead of the sun and Earth’s position to it, can control climate and the weather. They have no understanding that the climate is ALWAYS changing, and humans have no ability to stop it — regardless of the hairspray they use or the car they drive.

The left realizes very acutely how controlling the dominant narrative can control behavior. Right now, there are tens of millions of everyday people absolutely seething with quiet rage. They are sick and tired of being called “racists” and “white supremacists.” These people would never in a million years pick up a gun and shoot innocent people at a Walmart, kill in the name of religion, or join the Ku Klux Klan.

Normal America has been slandered, spit on, and denigrated. But THEY – not the cultural elites — are who make this country work. They are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American. They are Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or no religion at all. They are native-born and legal immigrant. They get up every day and take care of their families, go to work, and treat their fellow man with as much respect as they would want to be treated. They are not racists and they don’t hate anybody – and they are sick to death of being told they do.

Is it any wonder – in our dominant narrative — that Hollywood thinks they can get away with a movie (“The Hunt”) that shows elite liberals hunting down “deplorables” for sport? At this point, do you really think this scenario is that farfetched?


Hollywood thinks releasing a movie where elites hunt conservatives is a great idea.


I wonder – if this debased fantasy comes to life, will the media who has created this hate and division hold themselves accountable?

Or will they blame us?

The left wants a Civil War. They want complete control over everything you believe and think. They want to shove normalcy into the corner as much as possible. They want to make you feel like going to a Trump rally makes you a white supremacist. They want you to stop demanding a secure border or for illegal immigrants to be deported — so you won’t be called a “white nationalist” anymore. They want you to beg for it to stop.

We can never surrender the narrative to these lunatics. These people must be soundly defeated both electorally and culturally.

We will see very soon if Normal America has the will to fight the left just as hard as the left fights us.

Has the tipping point already occurred? For America’s sake, I hope not.





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