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“I Think We’ll Win Because We Make Sense” -Andrew Klavan | The Hurdler


Red Pilled America | The Hurdler
“Look, I think we’re going to win. And I think we’re going to win because we’re right. We’re right. You know that’s the whole thing. People, we don’t have to be embarrassed. We don’t have to be ashamed…  We are in the right. Freedom is a good. Freedom IS a good. And if that’s what we’re fighting for and we’re fighting for the kind of limited powers of the powers that be, I think we’ll win because we make sense.”     -Andrew Klavan


“How do we overcome life’s biggest obstacles? To find the answer, we follow the story of bestselling author Andrew Klavan – a man that has succeeded at the highest levels of the arts, but all along the way faced and conquered seemingly impassable barriers.”


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