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Is Anyone Really Buying What Democrats Are Selling?


“The further left the Democrats go, the shriller their media and brownshirts become. They have to know on some level their agenda is not palatable to normal people, yet they still push it.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

A week or so ago, the media (who is continuing continually at the left’s beck and call) all assembled to partake in a press conference given by Islamist dirtbags Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

The press conference was called in response to the sovereign nation of Israel denying these known Islamists from entering the country.

Said dirtbags wanted you to think that Israel had figuratively slapped two democratically elected members of the United States Congress in the face out of racism — but that is simply not the case.

Just two weeks prior, a bipartisan group of seventy congresspeople went to Israel and met with various members of the Israeli Knesset. But that wasn’t good enough for Omar and Tlaib. Instead, they got an invitation by the Islamist, Sharia Law-supporting group Miftah to come in to agitate about how horrible Israel is to the Palestinian people (who are treated better in Israel that anywhere else in the Middle East).

Omar and Tlaib also neglected to discuss how Miftah glorifies the killing of Jews and talks about “blood libel” and how Jews eat Passover meals laced with Christian blood, in addition to other horrific, anti-Semitic stereotypes. These stereotypes have been promoted by radical Islamists since the beginning of Islam.

Furthermore, Omar and Tlaib had no intention of meeting with any Israeli officials. They got in another dig by saying they wished to visit “Palestine“ – not the state of Israel. In fact, the actual state of Palestine does not exist. (But don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative, dirtbags.)

Their entire purpose of this trip was to embarrass Israel and to agitate for Islamist and Palestinian causes on Israeli soil.

Even though this had been the obvious purpose of their trip, Tlaib was granted a humanitarian visa to visit her 91-year-old grandmother. She immediately grandstanded and said she would not go to Israel because of all the oppression done to the noble Palestinians. And, for good measure, her grandmother wished for Allah to curse President Trump. The apple sure didn’t fall far from that tree!

This, like everything else this Islamists do, it is an example of taqiyya.  Remember, Islamists believe lying to infidels is perfectly acceptable in order to advance the cause of Islam. Tlaib gave the world a civics lesson in Islam after she slapped down Netanyahu’s kindness.

In case you missed the press conference, which admittedly was hard to watch , not only did the main dirtbags Omar and Tlaib get up there and cry and spew lies about the history of Israel and Palestinians, but they allowed some of their surrogate dirtbags to do some more bellyaching.

A radical professor of Palestinian lineage lectured everybody about how horrible Israel is before handing the mic off to a zaftig (I’m being nice and euphemistic here) woman of Jewish heritage who married a Palestinian.

This woman, who sported the calling card of all millennials – a full-length arm tattoo sleeve – also cried and lamented the state of the world where two agitating Muslim extremists couldn’t go to the state of Israel and lie, scheme, and cause a ruckus.

Let us not forget that Omar and Tlaib, in addition to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the other one, are now the official faces of the Democrat party.

There is simply no room for moderates (even fake ones) anymore.


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Look what Joe Biden has done in the last few weeks alone. He has completely turned his back on his lifelong belief that taxpayers should not pay for abortions. Flip-flopping on the Hyde Amendment, was huge. He’s also been forced to defend the abysmal Obama years — and Barack is not pleased. Like his tweets or not, but President Trump has shown what a myth the Obama years truly were.

Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren drew (by one estimate) 15,000 people to a rally last weekend in Seattle. Now, granted, most of these freaks were probably high as kites, but still. The radicals are running the show.

They are all running as fast to the left as possible.

The Democratic presidential race has become a three-way virtual tie between gaffe machine Joe Biden and the two “do as I say, not as I do” socialists Warren and Bernie Sanders.

But what these Democrats are selling is nothing short of batsh*t crazy.

Forgiving all student debt? The people who voluntarily took out the loans knew exactly what they were doing would now would burden the rest of us?

Taxpayer-funded abortion up to and after birth?

Complete open borders and sanctuary state status? Taxpayer benefits for illegals, and maybe even the vote?

Restoring voting rights to incarcerated felons?

Socialist policies that would bankrupt America even further?

Turning every American city and town into the shitholes of Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Baltimore and anywhere else liberals have one party rule?

A foreign policy that puts America last?

An obsession with fake racism and rewriting American history by claiming that all Founding Fathers were white supremacist, racist slaveholders and any Trump supporter today is the same?

Drag queen story hour? Teaching transgenderism and “gender fluidity” to kindergarteners?

We know that Obama was a radical leftist – but as these freaks have proven, he was just getting started. They are here to continue and accelerate what Obama called “fundamental transformation” – by any means necessary.

The question remains is this – do the American people truly believe anything the Democrats are selling?

There’s a part of me who thinks this continued onslaught against President Trump will cause many people just to throw up their hands and vote for a Democrat just to end the constant slander and demonization of people like them.

Like they assumed voting for Obama would prove that they weren’t racists, voting against Trump in 2020 would be throwing the white flag down and surrendering to the mob.

The left is relentless. That’s one thing that even the most non-political person can finally see. Whether it’s the media, Hollywood, academia, and states and cities run by Democrats, we can see that their push forward into oblivion never ends. It simply morphs into the next miserable thing to foist upon Normal America.

I have to believe we are smarter than this. I have to believe that the overwhelming propaganda the left constantly pushes is getting old.  I have to believe there are tens of millions — if not hundreds of millions — of silent Americans who simply want this all to stop but know that capitulation is never the way to make it stop.

The further left the Democrats go, the shriller their media and brownshirts become. They have to know on some level their agenda is not palatable to normal people, yet they still push it.

I pray that every single silent, Normal American never gives up. As the fleeing people of Venezuela run to escape their socialist hell hole, I’m reminded of this simple fact – we have nowhere else we can go.

America must remain America – not some twisted, Mad Max dystopian vision Democrats’ policies create. If you give into the mob, they will never stop.

History has proven me correct.




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