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Obama’s Legacy is President Donald J. Trump


“Obama’s legacy is President Donald J. Trump. Trump will be the one thing history will remember Obama gave to America.”    -PJ Media


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Reported Earlier by Liz Sheld | PJ Media

Obama’s cheerleaders are not happy that the former president took some punches at the Democrat circus on Wednesday night.

I was told it was racist and unpatriotic to criticize Obama. Oh well. On Wednesday, we had the clowns in the debate clown car promising to destroy Obama’s flagship accomplishment, the dreadful Affordable Care Act and complaining about Obama deporting illegal aliens. Fun fact: Obama didn’t really deport as many people as he claimed, his administration counted turning people away at the border as “deportation.”

One reason the Democrats attacked Obama is they need to beat down Sleepy Joe Biden. Another is that they are completely radical lunatics who have been empowered by the media’s favorable coverage of their anti-Trump mania. While Obama was a radical, he was strategic in attempting to appear reasonable and moderate so he could get elected. The media shielded him and softened the landing of his terrible policies. But there’s no room for that these days, each candidate trying to one up each other with radical, unpopular wokeness.

“I don’t know why you would attack Barack Obama or his record or any part of him when he’s the most popular person in the party,” he added. “And I don’t think it helps for the general election voters, either. I don’t know what they’re thinking.” Is he the post popular person in the party? It seems to me that honor goes to AOC or Ilhan Omar.

Obama’s legacy is President Donald J. Trump. Trump will be the one thing history will remember Obama gave to America: the pink pussy hats, the media meltdowns, a severed Trump head, the RUSSIAN interference with the election that happened on his watch, the impeachment posturing, assaults on college campuses, rampant internet censorship, the constant grievance protests, and the normalization of left-wing political violence. This is Obama’s legacy, this is his transformed America. The usual, polite, delicate gamesmanship of GOP Incorporated would not be enough to combat what Obama and the growing brazen left-wing did to the country and behold, we have Donald J. Trump as the president of the United States.



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