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Red Pilled America – Breaking the Stereotype


Red Pilled America | Breaking the Stereotype


“How can the GOP reverse its uncool image? To find the answer, we follow the story of Robby Starbuck and Matriarch – the husband/wife creative force that’s looking to change the perspective of the Right.”


Red Pilled America …audio storytelling the truth.
with Patrick Courrielche & Adryana Cortez



“The GOP needs to elevate the importance of the arts within the party. It needs to embrace creative talent like Robby and Landon within the conservative movement. There’s a reason why Hollywood purges families like theirs from their ranks. They understand the power of film, the power of music, the power of storytelling to change minds. It’s time for the conservative movement to understand its importance as well. Because if they don’t, they close off the primary pathway to the hearts and minds of struggling Americans, and leave the road wide open for others to control.”     –Patrick Courrielche


Artwork By Adryana Jade | Red Pilled Chica







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