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Greta Thunberg is What Happens When Parents Never Tell a Child “No”


“The more President Trump is successful in pushing his agenda of America First on every level, the more shrill and insane leftists become.”



By Angela Box | Opinion

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Climate change is going to kill us all in twelve years!”

Greta Thunberg: “Hold my Burger.”

Did you catch the “Climate Strike” last week? Yeah, me either. But evidently, a whole bunch of leftists did.

A million kids (along with their “teachers” and media enablers) skipped school and work on Friday to “demand change” on the climate.

And of course, America was finally introduced to Europe’s nightmare Greta Thunberg.

In fact, Greta is what kind of fanatical goblin is created when parents never tell a child “No.”

Because the left is devoid of any substance and tends to be atheistic, their religion of man-made climate change has now reached a fever pitch.

Not only are the climate hypocrites in the Democrat clown car proving to all of us that everything they believe is complete bullshit, but now worldwide communists have proven what Useful Idiots children can be.



After all, it was The Communist Manifesto that urged comrades to start infiltrating the public schools to gain hold of children’s minds in order to indoctrinate them with leftist fallacies. And look how successful they’ve been! Whether it’s transgenderism, socialism, climate change, how racist Amerikkka is – there’s a commie behind every door promoting their destruction — I mean, progress.

Much has been written about what a complete hoax the idea of man-made climate change is. All you need to do is watch an old episode of NOVA to figure out that the climate has not only been changing since the beginning of time, but that man has literally nothing to do with it. (You know what does? Why, that little thing called THE SUN.)

The things man CAN control — like littering and pooping on the streets, in addition to all the other health hazards leftists promote — tend to take place in Democrat-run cities!

In fact, pictures from the aftermath of the insipid Climate Strike from last week – in which worldwide leftists all gathered to scream at the sky and demand everyone stop eating meat and using fossil fuels OR ELSE — were really quite illustrative. All of these self-righteous leftists basically trashed every city in which there was a rally. (You know who doesn’t trash the place after a rally? Tea party conservatives. But I digress.)


Just some climate activists’ litter and trash. Nothing to see here!


The idea that mankind is not only causing the climate to either warm or cool, but that somehow we can stop the weather from happening is literally insane.

Enter the teenage “climate activist” Greta Thunberg. Greta, who has Asperger’s Syndrome (which makes her manipulation by adults even more obscene) has now become a darling of the left because not only does she look like she’s perpetually ten years old and therefore vulnerable, but she spouts nonsense that totalitarians around the world love to hear.

Every time you hear millennial twit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hyperventilate about using her dishwasher or Kamala Harris promising to ban red meat, remember that these things do not happen in a vacuum. This is how propaganda builds, spreads, and dominates.

At the United Nations, Greta whined and cried – and declared anyone who disagreed with her was evil. After all, the earth is in a crisis and it’s all your fault! More specifically, defending the United States’ role as the world’s largest net producer of clean energy was monstrous. But Greta – like all good leftists — never wants to talk about true “climate criminals” like India and China. No! It’s only the big bad West which needs to be destroyed.



Like all good fascists, she is supported by George Soros and other leftist organizations which use the lie of man-made climate change to skillfully shoehorn their radical totalitarian agenda down the throats of unsuspecting children and their gullible parents. Why, how could you be against saving the planet? You must be an evil Republican! You mean you don’t care that a sea turtle is being strangled by your plastic straw? Off to the gulag for you!

There’s not one normal conservative alive who does not think that he or she can help lighten the planet’s load in their personal lives. Whether it’s the mostly ineffective practice of recycling or just taking your own reusable bags with you to the store – all kinds of things can be done individually to make less waste.

But as we know, these climate Nazis are also the most egregious hypocrites on the planet. The formally normal Prince Harry and his unbelievably sanctimonious wife Megan Markle just LOVE taking private jets every three days to talk about the climate crisis. Smug #woke celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Al “I’ll have another burger” Gore, Katy Perry, Bono, Barack Obama, and other phonies hooked up at “Google Camp” on the Sicilian seaside to lament the climate crisis. Every last one of them took private jets to get to the exclusive resort to wring their hands and hobnob with fellow virtue signalers — who are obviously better than you.



The more President Trump is successful in pushing his agenda of America First on every level, the more shrill and insane leftists become. Many are finally waking up to the fact that these people play for keeps and it doesn’t matter that there have been fifty years of climate predictions that have been hilariously debunked. They couldn’t care less. Their goal is complete control over every aspect of your life.

Of course, they will be the exceptions to their climate edicts – because, after all, they are our benevolent overlords and need to jet around to monitor YOU.

I suppose the one bright spot of people like Greta Thunberg is that they have promised not to reproduce because of climate change. Let’s hope that promise sticks — unlike their other hypocritical behavior.

Instead of giving the brainwashed Greta any attention at all, people should be giving a worldwide collective eye roll to these lunatics. But they don’t. They continue to indulge the madness. It doesn’t matter how often they are proven wrong. The goals are social justice, intersectionality, climate justice, and all the other catchphrases we’ve all been subjected to for far too long.

And ultimately, their end goal is control.


Greta’s homeboy George Soros


In twenty years when all of their predictions have once again been proven wrong, will any of these fanatics apologize? Of course not. Because that by that point will already be six years into the next Ice Age – which, naturally, will be OUR FAULT.

Everybody grab your parka, bundle up, and get ready to battle these freaks no matter where they are.

If Western Civilization won’t fight them, nobody will.



Cover Photo Credit: (edited from original) – Frederick Florin | Getty Images



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