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So, These Three Never Trumpers Walk Into a Bar…


“The only people who can take out President Trump are his supporters — and we’re not going anywhere. We just keep growing and getting stronger.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

Primary season is in full swing, and nothing says that more than a few Never Trumpers slinking out of the woodwork self-righteously believing they’re going to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

Two more Never Trumpers have joined former congressman Joe Walsh (sidenote: I always get him confused with the actual Joe Walsh of The Eagles) to try and take down the most successful Republican president since Ronald Reagan. Former South Carolina governor and congressman Mark Sanford and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld have announced they too will attempt the impossible: defeat Trump.

Even with 92% negative media coverage, Donald Trump still prevails.

The media, Democrats, and the few remaining Never Trumpers continue to tantrum.

They become hysterical over Trump pointing out a possible path of hurricane and tweeting at irrelevant celebrities.  Simultaneously, they ignore unprecedented economic numbers and foreign policy advances, and invent newer, faker scandals to try and distract from Trump’s accomplishments. And just for kicks, they imperil undercover CIA agents in Russia by making up a story that the spy was extracted over concerns that Trump might expose him!

But here’s what they don’t get.

As the state of Maryland and other sanctuary states continue to see rampant, violent crime by MS-13 gang members and other illegal aliens, ICE agents finally have a president who supports them. ICE, with Trump’s support, even took on a fool illegal alien who challenged them to arrest him in Houston. And to the clink he went!

As even the Federal Reserve chairman has to admit that –- sorry, media— there is no recession, our economy is booming even with the ongoing tariff drama with China. Trump is the first person to ever tackle this damaging trade imbalance with China – and with other countries.

As Democrats wish for a world where infanticide was made legal in all fifty states, Trump triumphs in court and is able to start defunding the eugenics-promoting Planned Parenthood.

As the media freaks out every time Trump tweets about North Korea or Iran, our ongoing sanctions against both regimes are crippling their economies and will, in time, bring them to the negotiating table on Trump’s terms.

As Democrats promise to ban plastic straws, incandescent light bulbs, meat, and fossil fuels over the hoax of manmade climate change, America has become energy independent thanks to clean fracking and expanded drilling. We’re also producing cleaner energy than the European and Third World countries liberals so fondly site as role models.

As African-American, Hispanic, and female unemployment plummet to new lows and workplace and labor participation rise to new highs, Democrats claim Trump’s “racism” is taking people of color back to the days of slavery.

Never Trumpers Sanford, Walsh, and Weld preen on CNN and MSNBC and complain that Trump’s tweets are icky and that one of them would be much better equipped to cozy up to Angela Markel and Justin Trudeau. They certainly would be much more inclined to work with the Deep State – and that should certainly get the media’s ringing endorsement!

I know nothing about Walsh and Weld and only a little bit about Sanford.  I can’t disagree with Sanford’s panicking over our $20 trillion deficit –$18 trillion of it which was reached under Barack Obama. It’s something we must tackle.

But here’s the dirty little secret, RINOs: it’s because of YOU that Donald Trump exists.

He is the only one who has stepped up for Normal America. He, unlike you, understands that politics is a down-and-dirty street fight he intends to win — for US. You lily-livered Republicans are the ones who got us into this mess in the first place – by not fully taking on the destructive left.

You’ve surrendered academia, the culture, the bureaucracy, and the media. You’ve been more interested in getting invited to “Meet the Press” roundtable discussions or going to Washington, D.C. cocktail parties than fighting for everyday Americans.

Trump exists because of you. It’s simple cause and effect.

These three Never Trumpers are callously trying to galvanize on the extreme Trump hatred generated by a spiteful, destructive media who do nothing but lie about President Trump and his supporters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

President Trump is one of the only allies Normal America has left.

He’s the only one willing to truly tell the truth about illegal immigration, leftist policies, the benefit of tax cuts and deregulation, energy independence, getting out of pointless wars, China and their barbaric trade practices towards us, and everything else that sticks in his craw.

What the Never Trumpers, media, and Democrats cannot seem to grasp is that what sticks in Trump’s craw is also what sticks in Normal America’s craw. He’s the one guy who stands up to all of it.

The media and Democrats don’t even blink an eye when vile Islamist and Sharia Law-loving dirtbag Linda Sarsour gleefully endorses communist Bernie Sanders for president.

They have no interest in the actual motivations of sleeper cells Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib.

They take at face value that some Muslim mechanic working for American Airlines who tried to sabotage a plane’s navigation system was simply upset about “contract negotiations.”

They look the other way when innocent people are beaten within an inch of their lives for wearing MAGA hats.

They don’t care about the people being raped, murdered, molested, and assaulted by illegal aliens.

They pretend that plastic straws are more of a threat than heroin and fentanyl.

They ignore tent cities and rampant homelessness because it occurs in Democrat-run cities.

They don’t even blink when Democrats applaud legislation for abortion up to birth — and even AFTER birth.

They invent fake Russia hoaxes to cover up their own criminality.

They are hysterical climate crisis Cassandras running around in a mass “Folie à deux.” They share a collective psychosis. NOTHING they predict ever happens. The earth is adaptable, and always has been.According to them, we should have all been dead by 1989. Or 2000. Or 2025. And yet – humanity, and the earth, remains.

In short, the left is mindless and dangerous — and so are the Never Trumpers.

So, we will go through this charade of watching these threes clowns (and whoever else jumps in) try and take down the one person who has actually stood up for us and is taking the slings and arrows they would never be able to withstand. Instead of getting on board with Trump’s agenda, which helps all Americans, they’d rather fall in line with the media and Deep State globalists who despise him.

When will these people learn? The only people who can take out President Trump are his supporters — and we’re not going anywhere.  We just keep growing and getting stronger.

The Three Stooges Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld are going to figure out that fact very quickly.



Cover Photo Credit: Yahoo News, AP, Bill McCay/Getty Images, AP, Tom Williams/Roll Call via Getty Images



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