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The Latest Kavanaugh Defamation Proves How Evil the Left Truly Is


“What we’ve learned about the left in the Trump era is that there is not a rumor or a lie they will not spin or promote. There is not a coup d’état they will not attempt. There is not a constitutional right they will not seek to destroy.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

The left has shown itself to be completely evil, and is anyone really surprised?

Over the weekend a completely false story aiming to smear Brett Kavanaugh once again hit the birdcage liner known as the New York Times.

The uncorroborated story, written by Clinton and leftist hacks, reported that Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh whipped out his penis at a party at Yale and forced it into a woman’s hand.

As soon as the farcical story hit, almost every single detestable Democrat running for president (and all the detestable Democrats slithering on their bellies throughout this country) hungrily pounced on it.

President Trump immediately and publicly defended Brett Kavanaugh. He lamented how horrible these people were to such an upstanding man who had done nothing wrong — and certainly nothing to deserve this type of constant and overarching defamation.

What we’ve learned about the left in the Trump era is that there is not a rumor or a lie they will not spin or promote. There is not a coup d’état they will not attempt. There is not a constitutional right they will not seek to destroy.

After the New York Times was completely discredited less than 24 hours later, the damage was done. The freakshows on MSNBC and CNN had called Kavanaugh a serial gang rapist and a danger to all women. They demand he be impeached immediately – with no due process.

Last year, the mindless and destructive left made the baby-talking pathological liar Christine Blasey Ford a wealthy woman (with upwards of a million dollars donated to her GoFundMe account) – even after her story had completely fallen apart. They still cling to the lie. A year later, the left still acts like this cooing monstrosity is a truth teller. But not even her friend Leland Keyser or her own father believed her! It doesn’t matter to the left.


By Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino | the Federalist


After all, Kavanaugh is still pro-life and we can’t have that. Ford admitted as much to her equally loathsome lawyer Linda Katz when she said she wanted to make sure there was an “asterisk by Brett Kavanaugh’s name” as he “takes a scalpel” to Roe v. Wade. And you’re going to tell me this woman didn’t have an agenda, just like all repellant leftists have an agenda? Just like everyone in the media and the Deep State has an agenda?

They are absolutely disgraceful human beings.

They didn’t care that the story was complete horseshit.

And why is that? Well, it’s very simple, isn’t it?

Brett Kavanaugh is Catholic, and, unlike Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, he lives his faith.

He and other originalists on the Supreme Court are seen as potential wrecking balls to Democrats’ holy sacrament of dismemberment abortion. That’s the dirty little secret.

Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren all immediately called for his impeachment. Nothing like some good fake news to bring out the cockroaches!

None of these miscreants occupying the Democrat Clown Car could hold a candle to this man. They could never have withstood what he had to bear from scum like them. They would have withered on the vine.


Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast/Photos Getty


I know that God only gives people as much as they can handle. I believe that Brett Kavanaugh’s spirit and faith must be very strong because he has been tested in ways that would have crushed pretty much anybody else. I hope he can take comfort in that.

The left is disgusting. They don’t believe in equal justice, due process, or living by the Golden Rule. They seek a fundamental transformation of America – by any means necessary. To do this, they must oust Trump and the Deplorables who support him.

The Russian hoax didn’t work.  They’re getting ready to –God willing– experience some true restorative justice on that end when Attorney General William Barr brings down the hammer on rogue, corrupt Obama Administration officials.

But they will never change.

The left hates free speech, the Second Amendment, the right to assemble (unless it’s Antifa), freedom of religion (unless it’s Wicca or Islam), and freedom of association. They bastardized the 14th amendment to make sure that children born of illegal alien criminals get citizenship. They want to completely dilute what it means to be an American. They want open borders, late term abortion, socialism, an end to fossil fuels, stifling regulation, socialism, socialized medicine, the Green New Deal, and a loss of status for America around the world. They want to bring us down a peg or two – just like Obama sought to do.

They are the face of the modern French Revolution — or maybe it’s the Russian Revolution. Regardless, they are dangerous, mindless, evil, hateful, and vile.

With the last breath in my body I would crawl over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump and any Republican possible in November 2020. These people can never be allowed back into power.

God help this country if they are. It’ll be “off with our heads” all over again.



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