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How Exactly Are We NOT Headed For a New Civil War?

“The Republicans that we have elected to represent the people need to take the gloves off and start fighting for America like the street fighter President Trump is. That’s why we all have his back and we will never stop.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

If I was single, the first line of any dating profile I would have would say: I don’t date mindless leftists. Keep scrolling.

And the reasons I wouldn’t are legion.

For example: is the left going to say with a straight face they don’t want a civil war?

With this stupid and groundless impeachment inquiry (sort of) underway – but with no vote yet taken by Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi – President Trump has correctly pointed out that what the left is doing is hastening a new civil war.



We are certainly in a cold civil war in this country. We have one group of people who are hell-bent on destroying a duly elected president and anyone who supports him. That is not hyperbole – that has been borne out for the last three years.

Trump supporters are denigrated, attacked both physically and verbally, singled out for “cancel culture,” and told they are racist, degenerate, awful, evil human beings every single day.

The reason for the leftists’ ratcheted up frenzy against Trump is simple. They know he’s coming for them. Trump has all the information. He’s waiting for the perfect time to drop it all. That’s why they are seeking to discredit him, Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, and anyone who has the information to destroy the Deep State.

The left has invented hoax after hoax in order to justify why they didn’t win in 2016. EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE.

Those of us paying attention have known the entire time that Trump holds all the cards — and the Deep State is panicked about it.  We know that the latest Ukrainian non-scandal is simply a repeat of what they tried to do with the Steele Dossier and the Russian hoax. God willing, every single person involved in this coup d’état will be brought to justice – and that means A LOT of people from the Obama Administration.

But the idiot leftists who get their news from 95% of the extremely biased media do not know that. They believe everything they’ve been fed for the last three years.

Democrat priorities are completely out of whack with what Normal America actually wants. The only thing they care about is destroying President Trump and anyone surrounding him.

Democrats do not care that illegal immigration continues to radically change this country. They aren’t bothered by immigration in general causing further Balkanization of America’s towns and cities. They don’t care to tackle health care, a prescription drug bill, or infrastructure. The replacement for the abysmal NAFTA is dying on the vine. They will not ratify any trade deals whatsoever – trade deals that would help everyday Americans. They don’t care about homelessness overrunning leftist cities. They yawn at the opioid and drug crisis fueled by an open, porous border. They are so warped that they will not even bring to the floor of Congress a bill that would protect children who have the audacity to survive an abortion. They don’t want a healthy, thriving economy – they are rooting for a recession, because a strong economy helps Trump.

Think of all the other things that are being put on the back burner because Democrats have such a hate-on for this man.

Normal America wants results. Democrats and the left want violent revolution. This is why they do not ever push back against their military arm — the psychotics of Antifa or Black Lives Matter. This is why they continue to lie about their fellow Americans. They think they can intimidate us and cow us into submission.

They are wrong.

Barack Obama let the cat out of the bag when he promised America would have a “fundamental transformation.”

Normal America is seething with an undercurrent of rage against the left and what they are attempting to do this country.

And now, the current crop of Democrats running for president seemingly despise this country and are even more far left then Barack Obama – who was by far the most radical president we have ever had.

The media mocks and clutches their pearls over President Trump’s assertion of what we all know is true—that we are on the brink of a new civil war. They need to check themselves. If one of these lunatics gets elected president and starts implementing their agenda, it won’t be a cold civil war anymore – THAT I guarantee. The minute you start coming for people’s constitutionally-protected freedoms is the day the lid will blow off the simmering pot.

The left never stops pushing their insanity. Ever. The Republicans that we have elected to represent the people need to take the gloves off and start fighting for America like the street fighter President Trump is. That’s why we all have his back and we will never stop.



These piddling little fleas swirling around President Trump he constantly swipes out of the way cannot hold a candle to him. Trump has to deal with a never-ending glut of issues on a daily basis. Now imagine him dealing with an ongoing coup d’état that the media refuses to cover and the opposition party refuses to stop.

The truth will prevail but it sure is taking its sweet time.

Republicans: start fighting back — or we will lose this country for good.



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