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What Lies the Left Has Created, the Truth Will Destroy


“Who is more ignorant? Those who are digging for the truth, or those who blindly believe a media and Deep State which has lied to them for three years?
I think you know the answer to that.”


By Angela Box | Opinion

Here’s a question for leftists: what if we have been right about everything?

Last week, U.S. Attorney John Durham opened up a criminal inquiry looking into what happened with the investigation into phony Trump/Russia collusion, and the cacophony from the leftist media was immediate.


U.S. Attorney John Durham made all the leftists wet their pants last week.


The same media who, for three years, have been trumpeting the conspiracy that President Trump and everyone surrounding him is a Russian agent, has suddenly decided they have no interest in learning how that hoax began in the first place.

If you had been purposefully lied to, as we were all lied to, wouldn’t you be angry and want to discover the truth? Not if you’re the Trump-hating media who have aided and abetted this hoax from Day One!

Whenever confronted about issues involving the Hillary Clinton campaign or the Obama Administration inventing a fake, inflammatory dossier in order to entrap Trump or spying on his campaign, the media foam at the mouth and hysterically scream “Conspiracy theory!” at the top of their lungs. They shut down anybody who questions the dominant media narrative.

But here’s why they are screaming so loudly: whatever lies the left has created, the truth will surely destroy them.

This entire farce about Trump being a Russian agent has been debunked. The left’s fake savior Robert Mueller said so!

Therefore, President Trump has tasked heretofore widely-respected Attorney General William Barr (who has subsequently appointed U.S. attorneys Durham and John Huber in Utah) to look into the matter. John Durham is looking into the Russia hoax, and John Huber is looking into the Hillary Clinton email scandal.


Obama and the Clintons are up to their eyeballs in corruption and crime.


For people who claim “Democracy dies in darkness,” (ha ha, good one, Washington Post) they sure are screaming pretty loudly about wanting to keep things in the dark.

Let’s go over what they say “never happened”, shall we?

What if the Clinton exoneration (into her emails and secret server) by James Comey’s FBI was a foregone conclusion ordered by Barack Obama in order to protect Hillary Clinton and ensure her election in 2016?

What if another purpose of exonerating her was to ensure that nothing that these wicked people have done would ever come to light, because with Hillary Clinton as President, it would all be buried?

What if the DNC server was not hacked by Russia, as the media and Democrats have always claimed? After all, the FBI never saw or examined the server. Instead, the DNC farmed out the job of finding out who “hacked” them to CrowdStrike, a Ukrainian company whose founder HATES Russia and Vladimir Putin.

What if instead of Russia “hacking,” the DNC server was actually infiltrated by an inside whistleblower? Download speeds show the data was accessed far too quickly for it to have been done by an outside hacker. Julian Assange has always said the emails DID NOT COME from a “state actor” (read: Russia). What if the whistleblower was a DNC staffer and Bernie Sanders supporter named Seth Rich, who gave Assange and Wikileaks the emails proving the DNC was rigging the system for Hillary Clinton? What if Seth Rich was mysteriously murdered in Washington D.C. a few weeks later? What if his murder was still “unsolved”?


His name was Seth Rich.


What if that organization called CrowdStrike was also connected to Fusion GPS which was hired by Hillary Clinton‘s campaign in order to hire a former MI-6 agent named Christopher Steele to compile a dossier on President Trump, known as the Steele Dossier? What if literally nothing in that dossier could be proven and in fact is so outlandish as to be laughable?

What if that same Christopher Steele was paid by a Democrat law firm by the name of Perkins Coie in order to circumvent campaign finance rules? What if that law firm acted as a go-between between Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign, with the knowledge of Barack Obama?

What if Barack Obama’s administration, including his appointed allies in the upper echelon of the FBI and CIA, used the unverified and salacious dossier in order to obtain not one — not two — not three — but FOUR FISA court warrants/renewals in order to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign?

What if those people – James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, Samantha Power, James Baker, Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and of course Barack Obama – knew the dossier was phony but yet swore under oath that all its contents were verified in order to get the FISA warrant to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign?




What if a three-star general named Michael Flynn who once worked under Barack Obama and had massive disagreements with him and his decisions regarding national security had been targeted by Obama? What if that general had done nothing wrong yet his interview notes were forged and changed in order to make it look like he had lied to the FBI? What if he had been set up by the FBI and was told his interview was completely informal and didn’t need a lawyer, when in actuality it was a perjury trap?

What if this three-star general who had so angered the The First Black President ™ had been railroaded for three years, bankrupted, and smeared in order to get a notch on Barack Obama‘s belt? What if the FBI and the CIA — who have been sworn to uphold the nation’s most sensitive national intelligence — had instead use its power to frame an innocent man?

What if a junior Trump staffer named George Papadopoulos was set up from the beginning by rogue FBI and CIA agents — with the full knowledge of Barack Obama — in order to develop a predicate to spy on President Trump? What if those same nefarious agents had contacts in the dominant media and sent them information in order to get their narrative across to a gullible public?

What if similar tactics were used against Naval Academy graduate, CIA-informant and a candidate Trump national security advisor named Carter Page?

What if Trump Tower really WAS being surveilled by Barack Obama, and Donald Trump wasn’t just pulling this accusation out of thin air? What if this entire Russia farce had been concocted years ago and was sprung on the eventual Republican nominee, Donald Trump?

What if it was discovered that not only was Trump surveilled, but also Ted Cruz and possibly other Republicans? What if all of this surveillance had been done with the knowledge and consent of Barack Obama?

What if the Deep State — which even the New York Times has now begrudgingly admitted exists — has been working nonstop in order to overthrow a duly elected president and disenfranchise 63 million Americans voters? What if the continued leaks have been invented by people secreted in the Deep State hell-bent on destroying Donald Trump?


The Deep State is real and powerful — and the Swamp must be drained.


What if the Ukraine “whistleblower” was told a lie so big that it would (in his mind) necessitate an impeachment hearing, but had it thwarted by a president with nothing to hide?

What if ALL of it is true?

I have friends who continue to buy what the leftist dominant media is selling. They insist Spygate, FISAgate, Emailgate and all the horrible things those in the Obama Administration did (and that includes Hillary Clinton) are just grand conspiracy theories.

But who are the ACTUAL naïve people? The people who are trying to get to the bottom of how this hoax started, or the ones who continue to cling the proven lie that Donald Trump is a Russian agent?

Who is more ignorant? Those who are digging for the truth, or those who blindly believe a media and Deep State which has lied to them for three years?

I think you know the answer to that.

The question is not what if we are right (because we are). The question is: how hard will the truth hit those people who have been led to violently hate a man who simply wants to make America great again for all Americans?

How much will they fight against learning the truth?

And will the media – which has aided and abetted this hoax — ever get what’s coming to them?

We shall see.

Let the pain begin. Enjoy the show.





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