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Triggering the Left Is Our Sacred Duty



By Angela Box | Opinion

Pushback, thy name is Trump.

Last week, Normal America stood up and cheered when Donald Trump Jr. completely decimated the screeching hyenas of The View.

As the hyenas yelled at him about his father’s past hot mic comments about groupies, Don reminded them of their past vebal foibles.


Donald Trump, Jr. takes on the screeching hyenas of The View. Let the games begin!


He exposed the hypocrisy of Joy Behar‘s former blackface Halloween costume as a “beautiful African woman” and Whoopi Goldberg‘s assertions of “but it wasn’t RAPE rape“ when discussing Roman Polanski’s charges of sodomy and drugging a twelve-year-old girl. As the hyenas sputtered and screamed over him, Trump calmly asserted that everyone makes mistakes –even them!

He shined a mirror in the face of the hypocrites who have one rule for themselves, and another rule for us.

It is easy to trigger the left – and we should all do it every day. In fact, it’s our sacred duty to push back against them at all times!

When half of America is constantly denigrated, bashed, insulted, and smeared by everybody in Hollywood/academia/media, it’s time for that half of America to stand up and push back just like Donald Trump, Jr. did.


Oh snap!


I have personal experience with pushing back on leftists aiming to destroy. It’s been almost five years since my life completely changed forever. I have written extensively about this, so won’t bore you with repetitive details here. I will link articles below for those of you who do not know what happened to me when I faced the leftist onslaught head on.


Let’s just say standing up was the only thing I could do — because I was slandered and defamed by a local Houston racehustler who makes his living by slandering and defaming – but most people don’t push back. Eventually we buried the hatchet (in his own way showing remorse for what he did) and we worked well together in media. However, it doesn’t change the fact that he publicly defamed me — and I had no choice but to sue him for defamation.

But the point is this– I lost my teaching career simply for appearing on a ribald, political talk show on my own time. I didn’t talk about politics in the classroom — unlike leftists. The closest I came was discussing why capitalism (supply and demand) and the invisible web of the free market works. (Believe me, it wasn’t in the curriculum – even in Texas, sadly.)

Here’s my point. As we see with the impeachment fraud, #MeToo, Brett Kavanaugh, Ralph Northam, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, or anything else that has to do with connected and influential leftists, the Cancel Culture they have created never seems to apply to them. Or if it does, they are quickly forgiven and brought back into the fold.


Democrats always protect their own.


This is a dangerous precedent – when you have one rule for conservatives (or regular people simply going about their lives), and another rule for the liberal/leftist establishment and their allies.

Because liberals are arrogantly smug and insufferable, they think they are right 100% of the time. They do not see how their philosophy is bankrupt, frequently amoral, and based on unworkable ideas.

Their Useful Idiots do not notice how they have shifted further and further and further to the left. It’s been a gradual “frog boiling in the hot water” scenario. And that’s how leftists have set it up in the past – they wanted the radical transformation to happen slowly.

Of course, that was the past. Today, it’s happening so rapidly it’s scary.

The communists knew very well how to control the population: control education. Control the culture. And they do. Leftist dogma permeates all the way through kindergarten to graduate school. They own it — and they are churning out people who have no concept of reality. Their graduates just babble incoherently about racism, white privilege, white nationalism, white supremacy, cultural appropriation, gender nonconformity, intersectionality, and all the rest of the garbage that has, annoyingly, become a part of our vocabulary.


The dumb that’s permeated our society.


The literal dummy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes to mind as a excellent example of what happens when you are indoctrinated from cradle to grave in leftist drivel. The woman has a degree in economics from Boston University and can barely add 2+2 = 4 — because math is racist!

Over in Hollywood, it’s the same thing. Hollywood (which controls much of the culture) only brings their fellow travelers on to their shows. There’s never any pushback.

When is the last time you saw Rush Limbaugh go on with Stephen Colbert? Never. When is the last time you saw Kellyanne Conway go on with Jimmy Kimmel? Never. When is the last time you saw a prominent conservative entertainer go on any of the shows to provide a little counterbalance to the constant onslaught of leftism that America is subjected to every night?

Their ratings reflect Normal America’s disgust. It is obvious that over half of America is not watching their propaganda and does not care what they have to say. Take a look at any left-wing show rated on iMDB – you’ll find a lot of conservative pushback in the ratings section. America is fed up with being preached to by these lunatics. (The recently cancelled, absolutely abysmal Bluff City Law comes to mind. Those consumer reviews are EVERYTHING!)

But that doesn’t seem to stop them. Why? Because Hollywood – like academia, the bureaucracy, and the media — is a total circle jerk. Their bosses are liberals. The corporations that employ them are liberal. Their dominant culture is liberal. They are all taken care of – and woe be to anyone to crosses them. The only time this doesn’t apply is if one of them is caught with their hand in the cookie jar and their acts can’t be ignored (Matt Lauer comes to mind).

When President Trump talked about “draining the swamp” he was not just talking about Washington.  Yes, there is the same circle jerk in the bureaucracy and the permanent ruling class that’s trying to impeach and destroy him.




But there is a larger, leftist establishment that will protect its own under any circumstances. What the media reports – as much as what they DON’T report – tells you everything.

Why do you think the Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein cases are just being exposed NOW? These powerful, degenerate Democrats have been operating in plain sight for years – if not decades. Simple: The Swamp (in all its facets) has been protecting them.

The left protects the worst kinds of predators and scum. Why? Because many of the people that leftists support are affiliated with THEMSELVES. That is the only reason why. They are worried they will also be implicated! What does that tell you about the left and its ethical moorings? They are in the doldrums.

Donald Trump, Jr. will never be invited back on The View. Someone like me (even though I kick ass and take names) would never be allowed to take on the harpies of the left on national television. I’m not pretending I am well-known enough to even do that – but they would not have the stones to ever book someone like me. I would eat them alive.

The screeching hyenas of The View don’t like pushback. We saw what happened when one man took on five of them. The one man who had the correct information won the argument — and won the day. Not only did he survive, he triumphed over them. And he did it with a smile on his face!

The left must be confronted with their lies, slander, defamation, moral bankruptcy, and unworkable philosophy every single day. Whenever you encounter one of these lunatics, push back and confront them with FACTS.

Donald Trump – our great president — has shown the way. It’s up to us in Normal America to be his foot soldiers. The media does not speak for us. Hollywood does not speak for us. Academia does not speak for us. The status quo leftist establishment does not speak for us.

We must speak for ourselves.

We ARE the pushback.




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