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Buckle Up, America: This Is Getting Good

We’ve been right all along.

I guess this whole “Trump was spied on by the Obama Administration” conspiracy theory doesn’t look so much like a conspiracy theory anymore.

Remember, boys and girls: for the last three-plus years (and counting) we’ve been dealing with a media and Democrat party – same difference – which has told us that President Trump not only was a Russian agent/spy and a traitor to America, but was also colluding with them to somehow rig the election in his favor in 2016.

Act One, Scene One: the IG Report

Conversely, in Normal America, we have been telling the leftist morons that they’ve got it completely assbackwards.

That it was, in fact, the Democrats  (including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele — and the rest of the sordid cast of characters) who were actively conspiring to bring down a duly elected president.

They’ve been calling us nutjobs for three years when we told them that the FISA court warrants against Carter Page and others were illicitly gathered, and illegal in their intent. (And yes, they are still calling us nutjobs today, even after everything we now know.)

We’ve been telling leftist morons for three years that Carter Page, George Papadopoulos – and now we know Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn — had been spied on by the Obama administration. Plus, as we told them, Obama’s FBI/DOJ/CIA had been using the FISA court system illegally in order to surveil candidate Trump and then President Trump.

They said we were crazy to think that the fake and discredited Steele Dossier was the ONLY thing that Obama‘s administration was using to get a warrant to spy on Carter Paige and others.

They thought we were nuts when we said that Obama’s FBI did not give any defensive briefings to candidate Trump – and if they did – they were using those to spy on candidate Trump and President Trump!

Carter Page is getting ready to be a very wealthy man.

They said these tens of thousands of text messages between Strzok and Page about a “insurance policy” and their massive anti-Trump bias had nothing to do with why Obama and his administration were out to get Trump.

Because, remember, Trump was a Russian asset, you right-wing dummy!

With the release of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report (which found AT LEAST 17 significant “errors” by the FBI), we see that, despite the leftist spin that there was no bias, because nobody explicitly told Horowitz they hated Trump (which is laughable) Obama is up to his big floppy ears in this mess. His administration obviously tried to set up, frame, defame, spy on, and remove Donald Trump as president.

But riddle me this, Mr. Horowitz:

How do you lie about gaining a FISA warrant FOUR TIMES;

Illegally spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign;

Rely on the Hillary Clinton-paid for, FAKE Steele Dossier as THE ONLY PREDICATE;

Have THOUSANDS of Trump-bashing texts between Strock, Page, Kevin Clinesmith, and others;


But I digress.

What leftist morons don’t seem to understand (or can’t grasp with their feeble brains) is that we’ve been right about everything.

Thank you Sara, John, and Hannity (please stop interrupting) for sticking to this story!

Although I find Sean Hannity’s constant guest interruption, tangential ramblings, and repetition somewhat mind-numbing, he has been on this like a dog with a bone from Day One. Ditto Maria Bartiromo. Ditto Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch. Ditto Devin Nunes. Ditto John Solomon, Sara Carter, and only a handful of others who actually saw the story for what it was from the jump – the biggest attempted coup in America’s history.

And with U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General William Barr making the extraordinary announcements they did – that they did NOT agree with the Horowitz‘s findings that there was no bias and that their investigation is coming to a different and more damning conclusion — let’s not forget how damaging the IG report really is.

Again, everything that we have been telling the left has been true. Everything they had said was a conspiracy theory is actually what really happened. They can take the small crumb in the summary saying Horowitz couldn’t find political bias on the part of the FBI in the FISA warrant process – but that’s laughable. Just because the nefarious players didn’t admit to bias and hatred of Donald Trump (and his supporters) doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

The Barr and Durham reports are going to be gangbusters – and you and I both know it. But do leftists?

TICK TOCK, traitors…..

OF COURSE they don’t. They’re too busy watching Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats invent laughable articles of impeachment. They’re too busy believing clowns like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and “journalists” of CNN and MSNBC try to spin the indefensible into something leftists will swallow whole – like they always do.

But the beautiful thing is, the facts will always rise to the top and stand on their own. Propaganda fails.

The Democrats have built one propagandist, Potemkin Village after another – and when you look behind the façade, there’s nothing there.

As the impeachment farce continues, I like to say: be careful what you wish for, Democrats.

The IG Report was only Act One.

This is just getting started.

Buckle up, traitors and tyrants. Your days are numbered.




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