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Darksided Democrats Will Have Hell to Pay

Tell me, Democrats and the media (same difference):

As you run around claiming “no bias” in the DEVASTATING Inspector General’s FISA abuse report, how can it be that they were 17 verified abuses by the FBI in the FISA warrant process and they all only went in one direction – AGAINST Donald Trump?

How can all (and so much more) simply be “mistakes” or “oversights”?

Mathematically impossible.

Why did all these abuses and corruption happen under one president – Barack Obama, and one FBI director — James Comey? Furthermore, is it possible that those actions were not also perpetrated by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA director John Brennan?

Signs point to NO.

Over the past few days, Comey and despicable liar Adam Schiff have begun their so-called “Whoopsie” press tour saying they had NO IDEA that there were all these problems with the FISA process and some of the FBI’s counter-intelligence procedures.

To which anyone paying attention says – bullsh*t.

Why didn’t Comey’s FBI figure out the Steele Dossier was fake opposition research, even after they had verified Hillary Clinton paid for it?

Why did Comey tell Trump it was fake, yet perpetrated it as real to the media and FISA court?

Why didn’t they tell the FISA court the dossier was garbage?

When they didn’t find any incriminating evidence on Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, and others – in fact they found MOUNTAINS of exculpatory evidence – why they didn’t tell the FISA court these facts?

Carter Page is going to be a very wealthy man.

Why did Special Counsel Robert Mueller have the same information that James Comey’s FBI had — yet still continued on with the bogus investigation of Trump?

Why did Adam Schiff see the same, damning information as Devin Nunes and the other congressman in the so-called Gang of Eight intelligence briefing and yet Schiff published a memo that completely excoriated Nunes’ correct account of their briefing?

Why did Schiff act like Nunes was out of his mind and anyone who believed him was insane?

Why did the press believe Adam Schiff and all the Obama officials over someone who had actual proof?

When will Mueller’s Pit Bull Andrew Weissmann and the cabal of rabid Democrat lawyers who wasted $40 million of taxpayers’ money be held to account for what they have done?

Meanwhile, over in Clintonworld, Hillary Clinton has clearly been visiting Nancy Pelosi’s med spa because her face is SHOVED full of fillers and God knows what else. This leads me to believe she might be prepping for a life of going underground or assuming a new identity. Witness protection, Hillary? Good luck with that.

Doesn’t matter how many fillers you shove in your face, Bezelbub. Justice will still find you.

But honestly, this sudden backtracking by Comey and the rest of the nefarious players in this whole sordid Crossfire Hurricane – Get Trump initiative is really disgusting to watch.

Of course the media who aided and abetted it – and in many cases was complicit in spreading the false information – is allowing them to cover their tracks.

They are going to do everything they can to continue smearing Trump, his staff, his cabinet, and his family as agents of a foreign government. St. Barack Obama – the First Black President™ — had absolutely nothing to do with ANY of it! No! It was just some crazy, unrelated, unconnected oversight – with no bias at all!

Keep in mind that Inspector General Horowitz was appointed by none other than Barack Obama. So, when he had to tiptoe around the obvious bias that was riddled throughout the FISA process, you just know in the back of his mind he’s thinking about whose hands he has to shake at cocktail parties. Washington, D.C. is a very small town.

Only a monkey with an IQ of less than Debbie Wasserman Schultz would think there was no bias inherent in what Obama’s rogue FBI, CIA, DNI, and Pentagon did to Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and ultimately Donald Trump.

“I’m sowwwy.” Too late, traitor. Tick tock.

Those of us who have kept up on the reality of the situation for THREE years understand all of these players and everything that happened. Our blood boils ever more hotly by the day.

But the media that continues to cover for the Deep State is doing its level best to make sure the American people do not find out about what really happened – and if they do, they’re just going to pretend like it was all one giant misunderstanding. The biggest “Whoopsie!” ever.

But the American people are really starting to wake up. Call the effect of “right wing conspiracy theory” Qanon or The Great Awakening or whatever you want to call it – but more and more people are not buying their lies, smears, and attacks.

Joe Biden is starting to be regularly confronted at his sad little campaign rallies. Adam Schiff’s constituents about ripped his head off when he went back to Burbank last weekend. Hillary Clinton only shows her puffy face at friendly gatherings – but pretty soon, the Clintons (and all the rest) will finally be exposed once and for all – God and Attorney General Barr-willing.

Mr. Standard Hotel is spinning out of control.

The big question all of these evil doers must ask themselves is this: are they willing to fall on the sword for The First Black President™?

Without question, ultimately it was Barack Obama who gave the approval for all of this. There is literally not a chance in hell he didn’t know about every single solitary occurrence. So, I guess we’re going to see how much the Social Justice Warriors REALLY want to take one for the Obama team.

In the end it won’t matter — because there’s going to be a long and thorough paper trail and evidence, and these traitors know it. That’s why you’re seeing them spin, spin, spin.

That’s why you’re seeing Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Adam Schiff, James Comey, and the rest protest their innocence and feigning outrage at the latest Trump tweet. It’s pure deflection. They know what’s coming.

A lot of us have been wide awake this whole time.

A lot of us have told our Democrat friends or those who don’t follow politics what was really going on and they thought we were crazy.

We weren’t crazy. We were RIGHT.

Oh, justice is coming. It must.

Join us in the fight, won’t you?

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