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Democrats Promise Groundhog Day Will Never End

We are living in Groundhog Day, courtesy of the Democrats and their masters in the media.

This week begins Part Two of the impeachment farce in order to oust a duly elected president.

Rogue Jerry Nadler and Soundrel Adam Schiff

As we all know, the Russia hoax fell flat on its face and Attorney General William Barr is rapidly getting to the bottom of how that hoax began. Spoiler alert: Barack Obama, his administration (including the FBI and CIA), Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee have their dirty fingers all over it.

Since the Russia hoax didn’t give the Democrats their desired outcome – namely, to destroy Donald Trump – we now have the also-ran Ukrainian hoax desperately trying to pick up steam.

In reality, this is simply the same story played on repeat over and over and over. Much like the classic movie Groundhog Day, Democrats just keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

The ending of Groundhog Day finds Bill Murray’s character finally changing his ways and therefore getting out of the rut of the never-ending day in which he was stuck.

Our own Groundhog Day NEVER ENDS.

But Democrats don’t seem to have the ability to make adjustments and realize that not only what they’re doing isn’t working, but it is also really pissing off the American people.

We are having an election in less than a year. Donald Trump’s record is incredibly strong – even with 92% negative media coverage. When you factor in that Barack Obama received around 95% positive media coverage, it’s quite astonishing that Trump‘s approval numbers have continued to rise. He has certainly not lost any of his base support – which is what Democrats would need to happen to impeach him. He’s tracking at about 34% approval among black voters, with similar approval among Hispanics and other minorities. Those numbers are unheard of for a Republican, and that’s why Democrats are panicking. Plus, Trump’s picking up steam in all those battleground states that he flipped in 2016.

In essence, Democrats have not changed their ways, therefore their own — and America’s – never-ending Groundhog Day  cannot and will not end.

We know that everything Democrats have accused President Trump of doing they themselves have done.

Colluding with Russia and Ukraine – check. The Steele Dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, used Russian sources in order to frame Trump. The lying, invented document was used by Obama’s flunkies as a basis to get FOUR fraudulent FISAs in order to spy on Carter Page – and as a way into the Trump campaign.

Trump has Crowdstrike in his crosshairs!

Interfering in a national election – check. Ukraine has admitted helping the Clinton campaign – and there’s still the matter of the work of Crowdstrike (which the very mention by Trump sends Democrats and the media into spasms of “CONSPIRACY THEORY!”). Crowdstrike is the organization – helmed by a Ukrainian Putin-foe – which still has possession of the Democrat National Committee’s server. They claimed, without the FBI ever investigating, that Russia hacked the DNC. (Now, some of us know the real reason the DNC farmed this out to a friendly foreign operation, and #HisNameWasSethRich.)

Trying to thwart and destroy your opponent’s candidacy and presidency – check. What have we all been living through if not the systematic, ongoing attempt to remove Trump by any means necessary?

Using Deep State bureaucrats to do your dirty work – check. Does the name Kevin Clinesmith ring any bells? It certainly will soon!

Inventing ruses to avoid detection — check. The impeachment farce is a continuation of the interminable deceit that the only reason Hillary Clinton lost was because RUSSIA!!!! interfered and worked with Trump to steal Hillary’s rightful crown. Facts, however, are pesky things. Clinton and her aides invented the Russia farce just a day after she lost in order to explain this unthinkable outcome. Don’t believe me? Read Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. They literally fabricated this entire sham to sell to a media that was all-too-willing to take the ball and run with it.

Think I’m full of it? Read Shattered and see how Hillary invented the Russian hoax the DAY AFTER SHE LOST!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzrok, Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Joe Biden and every last Obama person is up to their necks in this.

Anyone who sat in on a meeting and then wrote a CYA memo two weeks later – like Susan Rice did – commemorating the “President Obama wants everything done by the book” knows exactly what actually went down. There is criminal activity, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and probably much worse – and it all took place under Barack Obama. The very top of our powerful intelligence community, law enforcement, and the Justice Department became completely politicized under the First Black President™ — and we are still dealing with that today.

Perhaps at some point, at least one Democrat who has some remaining integrity will stand up and say: “Stop this nonsense. We have to beat Donald Trump fair and square at the ballot box.”

But I wouldn’t count on it. As we have seen, Democrats and their praetorian guard media have been completely corrupted by leftist scum, liars, leakers, and criminals.

They’re all in it together. And therefore, our national nightmare still will not end.

Groundhog Day forever!


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