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Democrats Aren’t Even Pretending to Like America Anymore

Let’s say you are a Democrat who wants to run for President of the United States. What sorts of things might you say to encourage voters you are the right person to lead America?

Hey there, I’m (insert name here). I’m running for President because you people are doing it all wrong.

Be very afraid.

You drive gas guzzlers and drink out of plastic straws. You eat meat and ice cream and drink soda from Styrofoam cups. You are single-handedly killing the planet.

You want to keep more of what you earn, and that is unacceptable. You should willingly want to surrender your livelihood to government bureaucrats who have gotten the United States in debt to the tune of over $20 trillion.

You think securing the border is a national security issue, when really it just shows how racist you are.

You think dealing with Islamic terrorism is in our national interest, when really it just shows how racist you are.

Democrats’ homeboys!

You don’t like any brown or black people, and don’t get me started about how you all hate transgenders of color! After all, the killing of transgender women of color is at an epidemic level! (Even though, in reality, transgender murders are a far lower rate than murders of non-transgender people.)

Speaking of transgenderism, you think teaching five-year-olds that you can choose your own gender is a problem, when it really just means you’re a transphobic bigot.

You tell black people we Democrats have screwed them over for 60 years, which is racist.

If anyone knows how to improve African American lives, it’s Democrats! After all, look how great all the Democrat-run schools, cities, and states look!

I am Jazz! (Nope, still a biological male)

You think school choice is the answer for failing inner-city schools? Racist. Everybody knows the teacher unions which have a stranglehold on academia are the best bureaucrats to continue to empower brainwashing and NOT educating students!

Would you like to step on some hypodermic needles covered in human waste as you walk down the street? Love seeing the homeless population and crime explode right before your eyes? Thank a Democrat!

You rubes don’t understand that abortion is a constitutional right. Not just abortion in the first trimester – which is perfectly fine even though an unborn baby’s heart starts to beat 22 days after conception. Abortion up to and even after birth is perfectly constitutional and indeed a moral prerogative! Jesus LOVES abortion! Especially of black and brown babies. Ask Margaret Sanger! And Jesus.

Shout — shout — shout your abortion! Jesus approves!

Donald Trump is the single biggest existential threat the United States has ever faced.

After all, he wants to do these horrible things like sending the economy into overdrive, cutting taxes for everyone again, slashing regulations (in order to rapidly build roads, bridges, and pipelines), secure the border, and put America first in all regards.

TRUMP. IS. A. RACIST.!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then again, so are you!

I promise to support impeaching him over and over and over again until you finally see what a clear and present danger he is. You clearly don’t see that he is Putin’s puppet and needs to be removed immediately.

You are stupid, and you cling to your guns, God, and money. But don’t worry, we are working hard to disarm you for your own good.

Vote for me!


As they have repeatedly proven, Democrats are hectoring, lecturing hysterics who have no love for America, much less their fellow Americans.

It’s Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen at Jane Fonda’s stupid weekly “climate emergency” protests — to which they all fly airplanes to join.

Oh look. Some more rich celebrities telling everyone else how to live.

It’s the detestable Ilhan Omar who escaped the sh*thole of Somalia constantly running down America when she committed marriage and immigration fraud to get her brother here as well.

It’s Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez telling Americans how they are responsible for the planet dying in the next twelve…or twenty…or fifty years. But, by voting for them and other progressive Democrats, we can avoid this worldwide climate calamity.

It’s CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all the rest of the Fake News Media defaming 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann – as they accused him of being the most filthy racist next to Donald Trump as he stood on the steps of the Supreme Court NOT engaging with a lunatic Native American activist named Nathan Phillips and the psychotics of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

It’s stabbing Israel in the back in favor of the mullahs of Iran and Islamists — over and over again.

It’s Democrat after Democrat accusing the President of the United States of being a Russian agent, a Russian spy, or only caring about himself —when literally everything he does is for America.

(Remember: Trump doesn’t even take a salary. He donates it every quarter to a different government department in order to offset their budget.)

It’s passing a bill in the Senate praising the military for taking out Iran’s number two terrorist (Soleimani) with ZERO Democrats voting to support it. (A bill praising the military for taking out Osama bin Laden was passed with FULL Senate support.)

Thousands of brave Iranians are currently protesting AGAINST the mullahs and FOR freedom — and Democrats hate it

It’s taking the Trump administration to court over using part of the military budget to help build a border wall that protects Americans from Mexican drug cartels and the Third World pouring over our southern border — bringing back diseases we eradicated 50 years ago.

It’s supporting sanctuary cities which give priority to illegal aliens. It’s refusing to detain illegal aliens after they have committed crimes so ICE can then handle them properly. It’s releasing criminals into communities so they can commit more crimes against citizens. Murder, rape, drunk driving, drug dealing – illegal aliens have free reign to wreak havoc against American citizens.

It’s giving drivers licenses and voting rights to illegal aliens, because you know they suck off the teat of the American taxpayer and will therefore vote Democrat.

It’s getting a secured briefing from Secretary of State Pompeo, CIA Director Haspel, and other officials about the killing of General Soleimani and coming out of the briefing pretending there was not an imminent threat to America – which there clearly was.

At his Toledo, Ohio rally last week, President Trump joked about not telling Democrats the Soleimani strike was coming — because he knew they would leak it to the press.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke. Democrats absolutely would have leaked the classified material to the media. They can’t even be trusted with intelligence regarding the removal of Soleimani– because once again, they hate Donald Trump more than they love America.

View from the BARNBURNER Trump rally in Toledo, OH where Trump said had he told Democrats what was coming with Soleimani, they would’ve leaked to the media.

Everyone knows Democrats would have used that intelligence in order to hurt Trump — and they wouldn’t have cared less if a terrorist got away.

It’s blaming Trump for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet – because of Trump’s decision to remove Soleimani from the face of the earth.

It’s pretending to be a person of faith “prayerfully” impeaching the president over a non-crime and then having the audacity to hold the articles of impeachment in order to try and gin up hatred for Trump.  (And yet the opposite has happened: impeachment has unified Trump supporters more than ever.)

Democrats are leakers and liars. They are corrupt frauds. They have gotten rich from backroom deals, gaming the system, and using government bureaucracy in order to enrich themselves.

They believe America is an inherently racist, colonialist, imperialist, homophobic, xenophobia, interventionist, failed state. They believe that America’s “original sin” of slavery means the entire country’s founding was illegitimate, and therefore it deserves to be radically transformed.

They aren’t even pretending anymore.

Donald Trump has made them completely expose themselves – and with that, they have exposed their hatred of America and the American people.

The stark choice they are giving their fellow citizens in November could not be clearer.

After all, who wouldn’t want to vote for someone who hates their country and the people who live in it?

November’s election is going to be a bloodbath — and God willing, Democrats will be wiped out.

They richly deserve it.



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