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Prince Harry is Now as Fake as Meghan’s Nose


The world is reeling (not really) after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided they had enough of doing all those racist, white people things royals do — and instead just wanted to exploit the royal name but not have to do any actual duties.

And of course, this being the age of ubiquitous #wokeness, Queen Elizabeth largely acquiesced to the brats’ demands.

While they will no longer have the HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) title, they will forever be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – and with that, all the financial opportunities that name brings.

This picture of the dual faces of Meghan and Harry in US Weekly says a lot.

As Prince Harry and Meghan ride off into the well-paid and well-heeled sunset of Hollywood to begin capitalizing on their names in order to lead a more “private life,” people paying attention once again cannot help but notice how getting #woke ruins literally everything.

Add Prince Harry to the list.

I’ve never been a fan of Meghan Markle. From the beginning I picked up on her very obvious narcissism.

I see you, girl.

It was clear from the start she had aspirations of grandeur, and when she met Prince Harry, those aspirations took on a whole different meaning.

This is a girl who jettisoned long-time friends and family to get what she wants. Certainly, she is not the first person to do that, and she won’t be the last.

Yet the rumblings that Meghan is not a very nice person but rather a massive megalomaniac have been building for some time.

Remember what Prince Harry used to be like before Meghan came along? He was a “good ole boy,” a man’s man who loved having beer with his mates, and a well-loved military veteran who took actual fire in Afghanistan. He knew he was a high-value target for the Taliban but went and fought anyway. He loved his brothers-in-arms.

Prince Harry awards a medal to a fellow soldier at the Invictus Games (photo from Good Housekeeping)

He started the Invictus Games which honored those very soldiers he fought with and who lost limbs in combat

He dated fun girls, and then serious ones, but could never really find “The One.”

He was the affable third wheel to his brother Prince William and wife Kate, Duchess of Kent, who loved him dearly and unreservedly. They made a great trio, cutting up with the press while still performing the Royal duties the taxpayers of Britain expect of them. He adored his brother’s children, and they loved him right back.

There was nary a hint that Prince Harry was desperately unhappy with this life of extreme privilege – until Meghan Markle came along.

I submit it’s not the royal duties Meghan and Harry found insufferable and suffocating — it was Meghan’s distaste of having to do things she didn’t want to do.

The good ole days….Kate, William, and Harry

After she married into the Royal Family, Harry’s duties became Meghan’s duties — and she didn’t like that.

She didn’t like the scrutiny of the British press asking why she and Harry, as they became more and more #woke, still jetted around on private airplanes as they incessantly carped about “climate change.”

She didn’t like that the British press asked why a “modest” renovation of their Frogmore Cottage residence would cost almost $4 million – paid for by taxpayers. (The couple say they “intend” to reimburse the public for the funds.)

She didn’t like it that the British press questioned why she would spend $5,000 on an outfit that was worn only once – when future queen Kate frequently shops at more bargain-priced stores and re-wear outfits – like everybody else does.

She didn’t like that the British press asked why in the world she needed to go to Wimbledon to see Serena Williams play tennis (even though she had seen her play a few weeks before in a less famous tournament) and then blockade off an area around her so nosy fans wouldn’t have the audacity to ask for a picture of her.

Meghan insisted on clearing the bleachers around her Wimbledon, and refused pictures with fans. (Photo: Daily Mail)

She didn’t like it that she couldn’t zoom all over the place (at taxpayer expense) to visit her famous friends like Oprah and Michelle Obama and hobnob with celebrities instead of visiting a children’s hospital in Wales or cutting the ribbon at a new plastics factory in York.

She didn’t like the British press doing their jobs – which partly is to cover the royal family – and so she and Henry threatened to sue the media – for simply doing their jobs.

No, she didn’t like the scrutiny at all.

So, what did she blame?

Say it with me, kids – RACISM.

As is always the case, leftists use racism as a cudgel in order to silence any opposition. It is no different here.

Haaaay, Rachel! #ISeeYouGirl

Although Meghan is biracial (her mother is black and her father is white), you wouldn’t really know it to look at her.

She has done almost everything possible to obliterate any traces of African American heritage. She has clearly had a nose job, straightens her hair, and perhaps she has even lightened her skin. (Shades of Beyoncé, perhaps?)

She is certainly not the first person of biracial background to do any of these things – but she can’t hang her hat on racism when it didn’t exist in the first place.

She can’t hang her hat on racism when she tried to ERASE one race from her face, hair, and body.

Besides, nobody cared that Meghan was half black and half white. She’s a beautiful girl, and the British people embraced that Harry had found someone to make him happy.

And maybe she does make him happy. Maybe he is truly in love. Maybe he did get sick of having to live in a virtual terrarium where every move he made was scrutinized by the press and public. I understand that.

But it seems awfully coincidental that all these things happened after he met and married Meghan Markle.

Harry and Meghan are big fans of flying private while squawking about the hoax of manmade climate change. (Photo: TMZ)

All of the sudden, Harry began hyperventilating about the hoax of man-made climate change, endemic, widespread racism, hating President Trump, veganism, and all the other insipid nonsense the #woke among us hyperventilate about — ad nauseam.

The world gives a collective, viral eye-roll at the convenient hypocrisy of it all.

Meghan is a social climber. She only wants to hang out with the rich and famous. She thought the highest social rung she could reach would be the British monarchy, but when she saw that she actually had to do things that were boring and icky in order to be a royal, she turned her back on that RIGHT QUICK.

But she’ll keep Harry – because Harry opens the doors to REAL wealth and celebrity. And that’s exactly what Megan craves.

Ask the friends and family she left behind – it’s what she has always wanted.

Harry’s just the sucker to bring her along for the ride.


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