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THIS JUST IN: Skyscreamers Still Believe Their Media

Last week, for 23 excruciating hours, all of America (not really, because most of America tuned out after Day One of the frothing hyperventilation) was subjected to Adam Schiff and Co.’s repeated hysteria, cherry-picked information, and outright lies as they tried to remove a duly elected president. The media and the Skyscreamers were the only ones who hung on the House Managers’ every word.

Serial liar Adam Schiff and his fellow liars/House Managers.

Last Saturday, President Trump’s defense team dismantled their laughable case in less than two hours.

The problem is, the Skyscreamers (a.k.a. Democrat constituents) never heard the defense’s arguments because their media didn’t cover it.

Now keep in mind, the Skyscreamers have believed Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats for almost three years when they said there was incontrovertible, tangible evidence that Donald Trump is, and has been for at least twenty years, a Russian agent/spy/sympathizer/Manchurian Candidate.

The media continues to lie to the public, and the dumb among us believe them.

Trump is puppet of Vladimir Putin. We’ve got all the facts — and will be showing the American people VERY SOON hard evidence that everything we’ve been telling you is true.

Devin Nunes and his memo detailing all the FISA abuse, spying on Trump and his campaign, and corruption at the highest levels of the Obama Administration is total garbage. In fact, Nunes might be a Russian agent, too. Same for Tucker Carlson and anyone who wants to see actual evidence.

Do not fear, comrades and fellow Skyscreamers. Robert Mueller is going to be bring down the hammer with indictments all around for everyone in Trumpworld.

But yeah — that didn’t happen. Why? Because everything they’ve been spoon-fed by Schiff, Democrats, and the media has been total, manipulative garbage.

The Nunes memo, and everything else that is backed by actual FACTS (i.e., every illegal and nefarious thing Obama, Jim Comes, John Brennan, James Clapper et al did to Trump and his campaign) was 100% true. Attorney General Bill Barr is hot on the trail of the tangled web Obama spun.

Devin Nunes was right the whole time, too.

Everything the Democrats have been peddling is a complete, deranged fantasy.

But because Democrats live in an alternative universe, fantasy reigns.

They still believe every single thing that Adam Schiff is saying is true.

It was never their goal to get to the truth of anything.

They have an agenda — and that agenda is to turn back the clock to 2016 and make sure that Donald Trump is not elected president.

Schiff and the rest of the House Managers selectively massaged evidence to suit their agenda. They ignored video evidence of their own witnesses denying their thesis that Donald Trump was using the levers of governmental power to deny aid to Ukraine.

And, to top it all off, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler figuratively threatened Republicans with public stoning if they didn’t “vote their consciences” which could only mean to vote to impeach Donald Trump.

Nadler audaciously said Republican leaders had threatened to put Republican Senators’ “heads on the pike” if they voted against the president. Even Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins were offended – and they’ve bent over backwards to stab conservatives in the back any chance they get.

President Trump’s tweet denying John Bolton’s claims.

Now the Democrats are hanging their hat on former National Security Advisor Amb. John Bolton and his possible testimony. And what will Bolton say? Evidently, he claims Trump DID tie Ukrainian aid to investigations into the Bidens. Even though nobody else is claiming that actually happened, including Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, this is what Bolton allegedly will say.

Even if this were true, so what? Trump has made it exceedingly clear he would not give away taxpayer money to corrupt countries. The days of just writing blank checks to countries are over.

That said, if Bolton becomes a turncoat now out of bitterness or a desire to sell a book, it will be to his own downfall – because he has to know Democrats are not his friends.

But I somehow think that the media — once again — has this wrong. It’s simply the latest thing that will “bring down Trump once and for all.” It’s the Brett Kavanaugh Show all over again — and this time, John Bolton plays the role of Christine Blasey-Ford.

Look who’s back — in the form of John Bolton

This week, President Trump’s lawyers will pick apart the Democrats’ case bit by bit. It should become very obvious to anyone with a brain that their case is based on invented suppositions and fantasy facts.

But the Skyscreamers’ media will continue to lie they will continue to believe them.

At some point, the Boy Who Cried Wolf gets eaten by the Wolf.

Amazingly, it doesn’t seem to ever happen to the media.

They still have untold hoards – and often the very powerful hoards who run Hollywood, the bureaucracy, and the culture — who believe them.

Worldwide globalists and leftists hang on their every word and expect certain things to happen.

They fully expect that Donald Trump will be removed from office and from the 2020 presidential ballot. Even though there is literally zero chance of that happening, they still hang their hats on the promises the Democrats repeatedly made.

Are they stupid or delusional? Probably a little bit of both.

As they say, get those lungs ready. Because you’re going be doing a WHOLE LOT of screaming at the sky in very short order — and for the next five years.

Knock yourselves out.

Get those lungs ready, Skyscreamers!



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